Rosi Caswell

Rosi Caswell Poems

1. The Chakra Jewels 7/24/2012
2. The Pirate Queen 7/24/2012
3. Child Of The Future 7/24/2012
4. Woman Of The Wise 7/24/2012
5. We All Went To Dorset Steam Fair 7/24/2012
6. For My Son 7/24/2012
7. The Canine Ham 7/24/2012
8. In The Name Of God 7/24/2012
9. O'Hanlon's Gold 7/24/2012
10. The Equine Debt 7/24/2012
11. Deserted Sidewalks 7/24/2012
12. The Rap Of Change 7/28/2012
13. Whispers In The Twilight 7/28/2012
14. Fantasy Angel 7/28/2012
15. Gypsy Fires 8/3/2012
16. Life's Jigsaw 8/3/2012
17. Just Me 8/3/2012
18. We Are One 8/3/2012
19. The Land That Time Forgot 8/3/2012
20. Irish Legacy 8/3/2012
21. Love Me Love My Dog 8/3/2012
22. The Universal Power 7/28/2012
23. The Cord Of Gossamer 7/29/2012
24. Grandmother 8/2/2012
25. Cheyenne The Angel Princess 8/2/2012
26. Ultimate Love 8/2/2012
27. We Miss You Cheyenne 8/2/2012
28. Irish Air 8/3/2012
29. Sweet Erin 8/3/2012
30. Til We Meet Again 8/3/2012
31. Phantom Of The Night 8/10/2012
32. Ocean Breezes 8/10/2012
33. Love On All Levels 8/23/2012
34. Time Is 8/23/2012
35. More Precious Than Gold 8/23/2012
36. Dream Time 9/1/2012
37. The Link 10/5/2012
38. The Dark Night Of The Soul 10/14/2012
39. The Eagles 10/21/2012
40. My Pawprint Friend 10/21/2012
Best Poem of Rosi Caswell

Calico Cat

I walk down the road
And what do I see?
A Calico cat is
looking at me.
I smile at the cat
So refreshingly free.
I sit down and wait
And he deigns to come see.
I ask why his name
Is the Calico Cat.
He rubs on my knee
And he says 'it's just that'
For the Calico Cat
Is not commonly seen.
Don't you know why we're so called?
Just where have you been?
I had to admit I never had heard
Why the Calico Cat was so named.
He flicked up his tail,
Said 'don't be ashamed,
I'll tell you the story'.
The word on the street
Is uttered in ...

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Child Of The Future

What can I give you child of the future,
Child of the Universe grand?
Only my wisdom, calmness and peace,
Through years of making a stand.
To you who hold the world for us all.
Your beauty to shine through the land.
With such warmth and devotion and love for this life,
I offer to you just my hand.
Oh child of the future how soundly you sleep.

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