Sameera Alshaikh

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Sameera Alshaikh Poems

1. Nothing Else Matters 3/9/2013
2. Broken, Beat & Scarred (Prose) 3/10/2013
3. Potent Painkiller 3/13/2013
4. Sour Times 3/14/2013
5. Behind The Smiles 3/14/2013
6. Forsaken 3/15/2013
7. Sad But True 3/15/2013
8. Oppression 3/15/2013
9. A Prayer 3/19/2013
10. The Lullaby 4/4/2013
11. A Perfect Mess (Prose) 4/13/2013
12. Poison Ink 3/6/2013
13. Beyond Remedy 3/6/2013
14. The Unspoken Murmurs 3/6/2013
15. Darkness Ablaze (Prose) 8/5/2013
16. Fortitude (Prose) 8/27/2013
17. Doa (Prose) 10/2/2013
18. Master Of Disguise (Prose) 3/6/2013
19. My Friend Of Misery (Prose) 4/17/2013
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Master Of Disguise (Prose)

*'master of disguise' is not a poem, i know...
it's just something that i wrote & felt like sharing with the world :)

I'm afraid to sleep because I'm afraid to dream … I always dream of you, why do I constantly dream of you? What are you? ! … You invade my dreams, my mind, my every thought, my space, you invade my life! You hide in my shadow, you hide deep within my wounds.I catch you move! But still no one can see you! You follow me, you never leave me, I see you underneath my eyes, yet, no one does! And no one believes me! My lack of proof is your disguise. O, my eyes ...

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Poison Ink

There's nothing to lose!
What's there to lose?
Painless bruise - forever tattoos.
Cold as stone though temperatures soar.
Gasping for air...swim to shore.

I try to laugh at whatever life brings.
In misery and tedium I sink.
What would life be like if I lost my fear?

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