Treasure Island

Serwaah Debrah

Poems of Serwaah Debrah

1. `In Happiness' 10/11/2009
2. A Letter To MySelf 10/20/2009
3. Cry I Will Not 10/10/2009
4. Happiness And Success 11/16/2009
5. He Is 10/10/2009
6. Love 8/4/2010
7. The Feeling 10/10/2009
8. The moment I am in 10/10/2009
9. Under The Sun 10/20/2009

The Feeling

Frustrated I write this, to whom I am not sure,
Maybe to the one reading this, or to myself
Life is throwing me into a state of total confusion
I will not call it despair, for it is not without solution
Yet solve it I cannot, not yet anyway
I was told I enjoy drama, yet when I ask myself if I do
I think I answer no, why will I torment myself
Unfortunately the solution is available
To walk away or ignore, yet that seems like a coward’s path

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