Standing in the Silence of Your Pain

Standing in the Silence of Your Pain Poems

1. Campfire Flashback 11/12/2008
2. I Am From 5/26/2009
3. Let Go 5/26/2009
4. That Space 5/26/2009
5. Nothing's Impossible 5/26/2009
6. The Night 5/26/2009
7. I Did It Again 6/9/2009
8. Shocker! Shocker! 6/9/2009
9. Someday 6/9/2009
10. Do Me A Favor 6/22/2009
11. Will You Ever Learn? 6/22/2009
12. What Love Is 6/29/2009
13. It's Not Easy 6/29/2009
14. Why? ? ? 6/29/2009
15. Duplicate Meaning 6/29/2009
16. Memories 8/5/2009
17. Something More 8/5/2009
18. At Least She'Ll Be Happy 8/5/2009
19. One More Time 8/15/2009
20. A Face First 8/15/2009
21. It's Not Always Our Fault 8/15/2009
22. Rumors 9/25/2009
23. Never Forget 6/29/2009
24. Everytime 11/11/2008
25. Now 6/29/2009
26. Hooked 6/29/2009
27. Why 9/22/2008
28. Him 11/3/2008
29. Me 5/26/2009
30. Who I Am 5/26/2009
31. Papa 5/26/2009
32. I Never Told You 5/26/2009
33. At Long Last 6/9/2009
34. Alone In The Cold 6/9/2009
35. Goodbye To You 6/9/2009
Best Poem of Standing in the Silence of Your Pain

Alone In The Cold

I call her.
I need help.
She leaves me.
Im in the cold.
All alone.
I follow her.
She finally listens.
'No comprende' she says.
She takes HIS side.
The one causing my pain.
She stabs me.
She kicks me.
Says that I'll be the one to blame.
I was lost.
And confused.
I asked her for help.
Asked her to show me a paved road.
She buried it,
said, 'Oh well'
and headed for home.
She left me.
Just like that.
All alone.
In the cold.
On a dirt road.
I followed the road.
It was winding and hard.
Through ...

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cracked wheels in my head constantly grind,
does he actually regret what he said?
or was that just a lie to soothe my mind?
he knocked down the walls behind which i hid.
did he really think it would be funny,
to make me a joke for them to laugh at?
is it too much to hope that he liked me?
my friends don't believe he could've thought that...
why else would he treat me in this mean way?

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