Ted Sheridan

Ted Sheridan Poems

1. I Live Next Door To A Madman 2/6/2007
2. Is There A Doctor In Either House? (Washington Politics) 2/6/2007
3. Anti-Valentine 2/9/2007
4. Verbose Gibberish 2/10/2007
5. Smoking Gun 2/12/2007
6. Peacemaker's Epigram 2/12/2007
7. The Devil Is A Lady 2/12/2007
8. The Best Cure For Curled Toes 2/13/2007
9. We Aren'T In Kansas Anymore 2/2/2007
10. He Used To Catch Fish But Now He Goes To The Market 2/5/2007
11. A Recipe For Genius And Other Types Of Mental Disorder 2/5/2007
12. Virgins All Lie About Paradise 2/15/2007
13. Send Me A Note And Let Me Know You'Re Alright 2/16/2007
14. Captain Death 2/16/2007
15. Warren Piece 2/16/2007
16. An Unquenchable Thirst For Life And Loose Women 2/17/2007
17. Flowers Never Lie (Except While Telling The Truth) 2/18/2007
18. Hook Me Up To The Morphine Pump- Give Me Liberty Or Give Me Death 2/18/2007
19. She Wants Me To Live Long Enough To Die Healthy 3/2/2007
20. Santa And The Boogyman 3/17/2007
21. The Reason I Drink......Is To Remember 3/17/2007
22. Fascist Drivers 3/18/2007
23. Katie Couric Has Just Been Charged In The Murder Of Cbs Evening World News 3/19/2007
24. If Hell Exist It Can'T Be Hell Enough For Men Like Him 4/24/2007
25. Tiptoeing In The Cracks Where I Am Still Free 4/28/2007
26. Who Caught Whom...A Shameless Plug For Mr. Wiffle Lures 5/10/2007
27. My Apologies To Any Innocent Jackasses I May Offend 5/12/2007
28. Reflections Of George Soros...Or George Orwell? 5/21/2007
29. Iraq Is No Vietnam 5/21/2007
30. The All American Kitten Squad 6/1/2007
31. 14 Stones And A Pocket Full Of Quid Or Death Comes To Cutie 6/8/2007
32. Mpds Or I'M The Clown In A Strait Jacket 6/9/2007
33. Weenie Nation 6/16/2007
34. There Is Less Urine In Mexican Beer Than Is In Your Tap Water...Or So They Claim 6/22/2007
35. On Being Dumbed Down 6/22/2007
36. The Power Of Prayer When Applied To The Theory Of Relativity 6/24/2007
37. Bottled At The Source 6/25/2007
38. Always Look Both Ways Before Crossing Washington Ave. 6/28/2007
39. Commuted Sentences Of Whoa 2/23/2007
40. Dead Babies 6/29/2007
Best Poem of Ted Sheridan

*retirement Plans

The religious man
may have a questionable retirement plan
his devout faith in God
will always pay him the highest dividends….

2008 © T Sheridan

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She speaks of the old me....
the me that was always
fun and kept her laughing for hours
the man with whom
she fell in love
that man
the old me....
not this me....
The one she claims

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