Thampi KEE

Bronze Star - 2,177 Points (kerala India)

Thampi KEE Poems

1. Une Main Sur Sa Robe Lâche: La Paix Fraîche (French Poem) 11/16/2006
2. A Lolly Walk And Our Slippers 2/16/2010
3. Dream Life Again 2/19/2010
4. This Must Not Be Loved 4/1/2010
5. I Wish To Kiss You God 10/1/2010
6. The Young Leader 10/18/2010
7. Ayyappa The Naughty God 10/22/2010
8. Emotions 12/21/2010
9. Happy New Year To You 2011 12/31/2010
10. Sri. Ohm Sai..... 4/25/2011
11. Une Histoire Céleste (French) 10/26/2012
12. My Love To The River (Mon Amour To The River) French 1/23/2013
13. A Prayer To My God( By Valsa George) 2/21/2013
14. A Girl In A Rainy Night.... (A Poem Written By Valsa George) 3/11/2013
15. A Girl In A Rainy Night 3/11/2013
16. Addicted ( By Isabella Francis) Translation 1/25/2013
17. You (Hindi Translation Of A Poem) 3/25/2013
18. Hopes (Hindi Translation) 3/26/2013
19. Thrills And Spills(Hindi Translation) 7/29/2014
20. Happy Words To Love 2011 12/31/2010
21. The Cool Waves Of Moon 8/4/2010
22. T'Aime Ma Maman 3/7/2011
23. A New Year The Brave New Year 12/31/2008
24. Why I Love You 2009 12/31/2009
25. A Loving Year 2009 12/31/2009
26. You 3/12/2013
27. Twin Triplets(No.2) By Valsa George( A French Translation) 1/25/2013
28. I Love You 1/21/2013
29. Thrills And Spills 7/16/2014
30. There Was A Grace(Japaneese) 10/16/2013
31. The Days Of God To Come 11/2/2014
32. Venice Where I Wish To Go 4/11/2014
33. The Gandhihood.... 9/5/2007
34. My Love To The River 1/21/2013
35. My Dear Mother (प्यार माँ) 11/16/2012
36. Not Alone 12/13/2012
37. A Saint 12/30/2012
38. Artist Of Great Walls Of India Hussain Saab 6/10/2011
39. Our Flag 3/28/2007
40. The Smiles 3/30/2012
Best Poem of Thampi KEE


some words for you to hum along
the sound so sweet and soft to sing

the soul of dear, may wandering through
the sandal world of silent woods,
not listening to summer breeze
staring at blue old sky of us

never ask this wind to sing
I wonder what they're thinking of
just thinking of, passing of our life
still looking for thy long lost love

I will ask the moon above to say
to bring you love, a night and a day
and a touch so sweet and a true warm
fun, I wish so warm again...

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Dear You Are Near.....

My dear your love and all your dear dreams.....
My dear you wish be here in my godly arms......

I will love this godly land.......
and wish our God will be here.......
On that clam and patient night of union
The beauty of verdurant dawn,
Over thy face shall fawn,
(Following lines filled by my friend)

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