Vanessa Cabrera

Rookie (July 31 1987 / Guinobatan Calapan City Oriental Mindoro, Philippines)

Vanessa Cabrera Poems

1. ...Wild Flower 4/16/2010
2. `love Don'T Cost A Thing 4/6/2010
3. `love Me... Kiss Me Again 4/3/2010
4. `love Me... Kiss Me Once More 4/3/2010
5. `love Me... Kiss Me... 3/30/2010
6. 00. Here... I Waited 3/3/2010
7. 01. The Way Of Salvation 3/16/2010
8. 02. Once In The Blue Moon 4/30/2010
9. 03. Stairway Of Perfection 3/6/2010
10. 04. Behind Those Walls 3/12/2010
11. 05. Chasing Soul 3/6/2010
12. 06. Best Before End 3/2/2010
13. 07. Music 3/6/2010
14. 08. Don'T Block The Drive Way 3/5/2010
15. 09. As My Music As My Love 3/6/2010
16. 10. Love Last 3/6/2010
17. 11. Perfect Stranger 3/3/2010
18. 12. Pushin Through The Limit 3/6/2010
19. 13. Mid Summer Nights 3/6/2010
20. A Night To Remember 3/31/2010
21. Angel Sleeps 5/20/2011
22. Bitter Sweet 3/1/2010
23. Home In Your Heart 3/20/2010
24. I Love.. 3/6/2010
25. I Offer My Life 3/17/2010
26. Imagine The Paraiso? (Imagine The Paradise) 4/11/2010
27. Mina De Oro: My Precious Mindoro(A Tribute To My Hometown.) 3/25/2010
28. Promise You 3/2/2010
29. Rare As Star 3/29/2010
30. 'Sang Dakot 3/4/2010
31. Til My Last Breath Away 3/6/2010
32. Untitled Nobility 3/1/2010
33. Wishing To Star 7/10/2011
34. You 3/6/2010
35. You Are My Knight, My Angel... 5/8/2010
Best Poem of Vanessa Cabrera

Mina De Oro: My Precious Mindoro(A Tribute To My Hometown.)

Oh my dearest hometown,
you're irresistble
a beauty that was so incomparable.
For how many times i look at you,
that is how many times i fallin in love with you.

Oh my Mindoro! my precious one.
what a majestic mountain covered of
lush green forest
somehow gives me a rest
the mountian slopes that makes me cope
gives me a brand new hope.

My Mindoro, is the place to be
bountiful natural resources and sceneries that you may see
abundant and very captivating
bound to shine as attractive season you can't resist for any reason.

Evokes image...

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Untitled Nobility

Beneath the winds of the sunny days, trees and mountains were always praised, be amazed to the promising land made by his faithful hands.

Explore your soul through the blue skies, uplift your faith and close your eyes, feel the things that makes you smile, for you to be satisfied.

Lay down on the green fields and feel the freedom, as thou birds soaring all up high, find yourself not for a moment but for a lifetime.

All the things you see and hold is existed because of the Lord bec

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