Irises, A Painting By Vincent Van Gogh (Ekphrastic Poetry)

There is an explosion of green life in the light,
This life extrapolates all its emerald green.
This life needs its eternity to be as tight
And as deep as needed her own son an ice queen.

And all the colors of the rainbow may be seen
In different amounts to the different shades.
Blue irises are placed in a complex world of green.
Into the flower bed, these flowers are like spades.

Night Cafe-Van Gogh (Ekphrastic Poetry)

Van Gogh wantedto mix a material rainbow of colors
From primary red, yellow and blue in the sense of the divine.
In the Holy Light, the love theme of the flower clock discolors.
The empty glasses on the tables lack the Holy wine.

The ideal round tablesassume their infinite regress,
While huddling down in a stupor the lonely men around.
Their eyes do not see the sense of life and true noblesse.
From a corner view, silent colors search for the sound.

That Inquisitive Kiss (Ekphrastic Poetry)

Was it an enthralling thought,
or an experience by the artist?
That inquisitive kiss not be missed
to savor the feeling?

Maybe only a fascination
with fleeting thought
upon from artist's mind in a way
that wild fantasy by a surrealist

The Leaf (Ekphrastic Poetry)

The Leaf (Ekphrastic Poetry)
December 17, 2020

How flattened green!
A beautiful queen
Outgrowth from the stem
A valuable gem,

The integral part of the stem

Rodin's...The Thinker(An Ekphrastic Offering!)

Poised above the Gates of Hell, surveying the monstrous pit of eternal damnation…
Yet…melancholic, rather than aghast, at the prospect laid before him.
Far from the Divine Comedy, he sits alone, in solitary, contemplative thought.
To a fresh contemporary eye, appears a modern, secular man..strong in mind and body taut.
Yet lonely and still as a statue...butarranged with a sense of movement..
His arm restingon his knee- an exaggerated pose.. but deceiving the mind to believe
at any moment… he could rise up and leave

A Tattoo (Ekphrastic Poetry)

She's a black woman- in the light.
Her white thoughts
Are tattooed on her skin.

Tristesse (Ekphrastic Poetry)

Dying roses enliven
the tristesse of the growing child.
Lightened life turns blue.

Poem by Marieta Maglas

Rose (Ekphrastic Poetry)

Dressed in gold,
She's surrounded by blueness.
Her name is Rose.

Poem by Marieta Maglas

Metamorphose (Ekphrastic Poetry)

Nude men and women
come to see the Eyes of God,
and they are baptized.

Poem by Marieta Maglas

Love And Maternity (Complex Poem, Senryu And Ekphrastic Poetry)

Blue eyes for love rose
hands to keep the rising dreams
of maternity.

Poem by Marieta Maglas

Suture (Complex Poem, Tanka And Ekphrastic Poetry)

My love is untouched.
I'm your Galatea, an
old statue caught in
two world edges being sewn
together along the rain.

Poem by Marieta Maglas

The Dry Earth (Ekphrastic Poetry)

The Dry Earth (Ekphrastic Poetry)
December 18, 2020

In the painting, here
The dead planet earth without water;
Is it the man made audacity?
And the coming of the global ecological catastrophe?

Is it the assumption of the future mart?

Meeting, An Ekphrastic Hindi Poem By C.P. Sharma In English Translation

The moment of meeting
The bride in waiting
Beautifully dressed
Aware, alert

Joyful. Still
A little afraid
A little giddy
Young lady.

Here Come The Wild Birds Again - Ekphrastic Poem For Painters & Poets

for Barnett Newman, Abstract Expressionist Painter,
Cy Twombly, Sculptor/Painter, & Frank O'Hara, American
Poet, Art Curator & Art Critic

'A bird seems to have
passed through the impasto with cream-colored screams and
bitter claw marks.'

'Though they are all white with black and grey scoring,
the range is far from a whisper, and this new development

Proposal, A Ekphrastic Poem In Hindi/Urdu

main chaahti hoon tumain
aur chaati bhi nahin
kaisay kahoon tumain
tum mere sapnoN main aatay ho
aur fir hawaa ki tarah chalay jaato ho
fir aao gay k nahin
apna patta nahin batatay ho
kaisy kahoon main maaN ko
tum mera dil dharkaatay ho
khaao pehlay khuda ki kasm

Two Parrots In Love, An Ekphrastic Poem

I love you, my yellow rose
Here is my kiss for you
Let me kiss your pinky beaky
My heart throbs when I look at you

No white budgie, I am mad with you
I saw you this morning with muhabbet kusu
I heard what were you saying to her -
My heart throbs for you my sweet kusu
I love you. Let me kiss you.


there are some things up there

I want to see

I want to see I'm going to look at that and see

I want to go up and see

that show. That show

Devadatta, An Erotic Ekphrastic English Poem By Shazea Quraishi In Hindi/Urdu Translation

Us ne mujhe bulaya chameli k chotray pe
intazaar vo meri kar raha tha
laita hua ek bistray pe
jis pe chaadraiN paDi theen
laal, neelay, narangi rung ki

Wo sondasi nokrani k saath tha
jiski nazar sharmali the
uski nazar sondasi k mammoN pe the
jahan khuli choli par ek phool khil raha tha

Baby Adam Coming To Life. An Ekphrastic Poem

God created the heaven and the earth
and created the baby Adam
out of the clay of volcanic ashes
with all elements in it

And he put his mouth
over the mouth of baby Adam
and exhaled out souls

A tiny tiny soul slipped

Arranged Marriages, An Ekphrastic Poem

O damn the conventional
Parents'arranged marriages!
I don't want to see his
Face. Nor does he mine

No feelings. Zilch
Our kiss, if you call a kiss
Is a parchment rubbing our lips
Our tongues suffocate