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First Love

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I ne'er was struck before that hour
With love so sudden and so sweet,
Her face it bloomed like a sweet flower
And stole my heart away complete.
My face turned pale as deadly pale.
My legs refused to walk away,
And when she looked, what could I ail?
My life and all seemed turned to clay.

And then my blood rushed to my face

And took my eyesight quite away,
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R.k. Sharma 20 January 2012

I read the poem twelve years back but its last two lines are still echoing in my heart.

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Kevin Straw 15 June 2010

Joseph - compare Yeats: First Love THOUGH nurtured like the sailing moon In beauty's murderous brood, She walked awhile and blushed awhile And on my pathway stood Until I thought her body bore A heart of flesh and blood. But since I laid a hand thereon And found a heart of stone I have attempted many things And not a thing is done, For every hand is lunatic That travels on the moon. She smiled and that transfigured me And left me but a lout, Maundering here, and maundering there, Emptier of thought Than the heavenly circuit of its stars When the moon sails out. One difference is that the technique and the thought/feeling are not out of sync in Yeats' poem. You have to realise that a poem may be flawed technically, and those flaws subtract from its intention.

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Joseph Poewhit 15 June 2010

WOW - ZAP - Zing - WAM - BAM - OOPS - what more describes first love.

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Kevin Straw 15 June 2010

This is not the best of Clare – there is a fair amount of “fiddling the books” to achieve scansion and rhyme: “her face it bloomed”, “stole my heart away complete”, pale as deadly pale”. “eyesight quite away” – take away the underlined words and you have a more vigorous poetry - but the last verse is free of these – one feels the poetic passion more aroused – you then begin to believe more in the poem. You could almost do without the first two verses, though “And when she looked, what could I ail? /My life and all seemed turned to clay.” is good – though “were” instead of “seemed” would be allowable. Also: “sweet” in each of the first two lines” is too sweet! And how, in fact, did his beloved’s face “bloom”? The poem creaks a little in pursuit of its form, and thus suspends the reader between belief and disbelief in the narrative. The full stop at the end of the fifth line is wrong.

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Manonton Dalan 15 June 2010

haven if i haven't read john's poem first i wouldn't know that is base from somebody's poem...i tell you what yours is an expression of somebody who truly experienced it... i admire you for that...inovation ha!

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Mahtab Bangalee 24 July 2020

She seemed to hear my silent voice, Not love's appeals to know. I never saw so sweet a face As that I stood before. My heart has left its dwelling-place And can return no more......beautiful poem penned on the deep feelings of first love

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Chinedu Dike 21 October 2019

Beautiful love poem elegantly crafted from the heart. Lovely and very passionate. Thanks for sharing.

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Susheela Shiju 31 July 2019

beautiful dear John! ! 10+++

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Mahtab Bangalee 30 July 2019

She seemed to hear my silent voice, Not love's appeals to know. I never saw so sweet a face As that I stood before.../// beautiful poem penned and shared

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Maria Ann 13 September 2018

very nice and touching

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