The Early Morning Poem by Hilaire Belloc

The Early Morning

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The moon on the one hand, the dawn on the other:
The moon is my sister, the dawn is my brother.
The moon on my left and the dawn on my right.
My brother, good morning: my sister, good night.

Oludipe Oyin Samuel 20 June 2012

I love poems as such; my brother, good morning my sister, good night Good brother, good sister Are my dawn and night

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Ralph The Elf 20 June 2012

beautiful, beautiful, beautiful

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Manonton Dalan 20 June 2010

it portrays different personality even they are brother and sister

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Emancipation Planz 22 June 2009

This here for me, is 'poetic economy' packaged in material so light weight in sophistication yet holding in vast enormity some of our most universal treasures...

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la 25 September 2022

its so amazing i put it in my homework to show my teacher and i will say it isnt mine because its not i will show her ur amazing work

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Mahtab Bangalee 27 October 2019

moon is the part and parcel of earthly life; moon is the blo0d connected relative!

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Donald Mackinnon 02 December 2018

I have heard this sung as an encore in a concert. The setting was simple but effective. I do not know who the composer was (and neither does Google, it seems) . Any ideas?

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Andrew Howes 27 January 2019

Where was the concert? I wrote a setting that was performed in New York...

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Walterrean Salley 26 November 2016

(The Early Morning by Hilaire Belloc.) **Light verse. An entertaining read.

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Colleen Courtney 20 June 2014

I love those mornings when the sun has just arisen but yet the moon is still able to be vaguely seen off to the side. This is such a great little poem on the wonderful ways of the universe.

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