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Emerson's father was a Unitarian minister who died leaving his son to be brought up by his mother and aunt. Educated at Harvard, Emerson began writing journals filled with observations and ideas which would form the basis of his later essays and poems.

After a period of teaching, Emerson returned to Harvard to join the Divinity School where he w ...

Ralph Waldo Emerson Poems


Deep in the man sits fast his fate
To mould his fortunes, mean or great:
Unknown to Cromwell as to me
Was Cromwell's measure or degree;

Song Of Nature

Mine are the night and morning,
The pits of air, the gulf of space,
The sportive sun, the gibbous moon,
The innumerable days.

Give All To Love

Give all to love;
Obey thy heart;
Friends, kindred, days,
Estate, good-fame,

The Bell

I love thy music, mellow bell,
I love thine iron chime,
To life or death, to heaven or hell,
Which calls the sons of Time.


Knows he who tills this lonely field
To reap its scanty corn,
What mystic fruit his acres yield
At midnight and at morn?

Ralph Waldo Emerson Quotes

11 November 2014

Heroism feels and never reasons, and therefore is always right.

11 November 2014

Empirical science is apt to cloud the sight, and, by the very knowledge of functions and processes, to bereave the student of the manly contemplation of the whole.

11 November 2014

The world is full of judgment-days, and into every assembly that a man enters, in every action he attempts, he is gauged and stamped.

11 November 2014

The boy is a Greek; the youth, romantic; the adult, reflective.

11 November 2014

For, the experience of each new age requires a new confession, and the world seems always waiting for its poet.

Ralph Waldo Emerson Comments

Lee Caldwell 18 September 2005

No finer Poet in the World. Emerson is one of a kind, a unique, eloquent Master of the Word and Phrase

148 63 Reply
Lee Schneider 24 November 2013

If he would be alive I would tell him: a. If a worst is, that man knows, it is ridiculous to be scared of unknown. b. If a best is, that man knows, it is smart to be scared of unknown. The question is: ''Who is happier? '' Dear Ralph Waldo Emerson! In spite you were b. and I am a. I consider myself happier than you were. That is why I share and like much all your minor verse

34 73 Reply
Vmuthu Manickam 12 November 2015

Emerson is a truly unique gift of the god to literature. A poet greatly recognized forever and everywhere. Hats off him.

23 9 Reply
Kelley Tom 26 January 2016

Who else loves Emerson a LOT? I personally love him.

19 10 Reply
Printfromvintage Website 22 February 2016

We have found a never-before-seen rough draft of Emerson's famed poem FABLE. See it at: http: //printfromvintage.com/2016/02/16/found-a-handwritten-poem-by-ralph-waldo-emerson-in-a-book-from-1845/ It was handwritten in the back of a book from 1845 and later published with a correction in his book POEMS in 1846.

12 5 Reply
unknown 14 July 2019

it was a waste of time

1 7 Reply
Mr. Lane 12 October 2018

This was an amazing piece of literature and I will be showing my students

8 6 Reply
Mr.Lane 12 October 2018

I love this piece of literature and I will be showing my students

5 8 Reply
Mr.Kade 12 October 2018

Liz is the worst student ever

5 7 Reply
Mr.Lane 12 October 2018

This poem was Major

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