Don'T Kill Me

No, she is unwanted and not welcome,
Do away with it so she doesn’t come,
Worries may be more and flood the home,
Better terminate the pregnancy chances and freely roam,

This the situation prevails for baby child’s birth
She is not welcome in family with love and warmth
Still we discriminate and have narrow views
Do the parents need some education and reviews?

~ Inaesthetic Global Pollution ~

Ms. Nivedita
18 March 18,2010.


We need moral, aesthetic, biblio, audio, visual over all soul’s sanitization. It’s important and urgent and must be regarded as ‘Must Dos’.

Teenage Pregnancy

Giving birth at a tender age was not my intention,
How did this happen to me is still a confusion.
'Pregnant', me ha! never!
But his charming looks and boy was he clever.
The naive girl that I was, believed his lies and how he loved me so much,
I could not resist his charm but he convinced me wit his soothing and caressing touch.

The first time I saw Danny, he looked so handsome, strong and fun,
But coming to the end he turned out to be a real bum.
He wooed me with words and won me over,


On the small marble-paved platform
On the turret on the head of the tower,
Watching the night deepen.
I feel the rock-edge of the continent
Reel eastward with me below the broad stars.
I lean on the broad worn stones of the parapet top
And the stones and my hands that touch them reel eastward.
The inland mountains go down and new lights
Glow over the sinking east rim of the earth.
The dark ocean comes up,

After Release From Prison

Where are you?
At home.
Still unaccustomed-
awake or sleeping-
to being in your own home.
This is just one more of the stupefactions
of spending thirteen years in a prison.
Who's lying at your side?
Not loneliness, but your wife,

Summer Comes

Summer comes
splendid in its coming -

bringing to maturity
the promises of Spring.

Summer comes
with the aching wantonness of fertility
and fulfilment

Prenatal Pangs

Writing of a poem
Oh! How it can be likened
To having a baby!

With the copulation of fancy and thought,
Comes the moment of conception

It can happen any day
Unanticipated or planned erstwhile
On a star studded night

' ' ' Under A Head Of Cabbage(Tanka)

My cries thrown to the skies
that witness birth of baby
in this barren field.
Seagulls mimicing my screams
as they turn into: HEADLINES.


This was the infamous KERRY BABY case in which a young girl gave birth in a field after successfully hiding her pregnancy. This was the Holy Ireland of then where the arrogance of ignorance was greater than compassion and understanding.


Conceiving a dream and desire of a woman
But  if it's a result  of a rape or incest
A trauma which she carries  life long
When her purity is robbed off.

Effects of social stigma and the shame
Leads to stress and mental depression
This battle in the brain that roots
In every woman who is a victim of a rape.

On Her Demand

On her demand

The birth of son is celebrated with much of joy
They have desire and wish that he may give them more to enjoy
They also think that the son may look after them with care
And no outsider may think or dare to harm

Such tendency is well set in mind
You may find millions of families
With the same mindset and go ahead

Break N' Make

esspeecee …28.06.09.

Know to break
Remake a make.

Bonding not to make
Be in affair with break.

Breaking is melodious

Full Moon Contemplation

It's said the moon has power over man -
It governs our body mechanisms,
Rising and falling biorhythms,
Lunar months during pregnancy,
And it plays with our minds:

The full moon is captivating -
Rising as a ball of orange light in the fall,
Blazing brilliant white on a winter night
Enhancing the stars in their midnight glory

My Daughter Is Lost-Rimple Soni

My daughter is lost-Rimple Soni
Sunday,6th June 2021

Corona has taken a heavy toll
'Rimple' the daughter of my friend. Mr Atul Soni has fallen victim.
in pregnancy, she has lost life but her daughter has survived
he cried aloud 'How to live without' without her

I had no words to give solace
I could sense

'6 Foot 3'......[long; Scary; Gross; Murder]

I'll tell you a crime story that you've never heard,
But first you'll have to promise to not spread the word.
It started many years ago on the Massachusetts coast.
Most of those who know of it are now themselves ghosts.

It is a murder story frightful and most ghastly.
If you mention it to the police they'll laugh, and YOU may be the victim, lastly.

After high school in the 60's I attended Boston College.
I went there for the social life, and to gain some more knowledge.

Seven Ages Of Woman

With Apologies to William Shakespeare

All the world's a stage
And all the Girls and Ladies merely players
They come on stage perform - and then go off stage (still performing) .
And each Woman in her time plays many many many parts!
Her main acts are in seven stages - seven ages
At first the infant - gooing and cooing - in her Mother's arms.
Then the excitable pre-teen with her braces and Barbie!
Giggling - playing peek-a-boo with all her frilly friends.

Albert Einstein 49 - Albert's Sons - Hans Albert & Eduard

Dr Einstein loved children but what an irony!
He never could enjoy the presence of
His own children along with him during his life time.
They remained far away and distant from him.
Though he was a great humanist and a pacifist,
His critics felt that he neglected not only his children
But his wives - Mileva and Elsa too.
Most often, he was engrossed in his scientific work,
Or his other passionate pursuits, friendships or travels.
Is it destiny that played tricks with Dr Einstein?

Bri's January 2023 [ Part One Of Two Parts ] Showcase Of Others' Poems From P-H....[ Sharing; Time-On-My-Hands ]

In the 'Add New Poem' instructions PH says 'Take a deep breathe',
but it should say 'breath' [rhymes with death], so I now DO grieve!
It's a grammatical error, one even (I think) 'Bri' has made in the past,
AND I'll bet my high school English teachers be aghast!

Ok, this site is NOT perfect, & partly due to that some poets have left.
I was fond of some of them and now I, Bri, am missing them. I'm bereft.
And some of 'them' were PH fans of mine. I am missing that aspect too.

Sonnet Of Poems-14: The Seasons That Speak

The seasons have an order-
The way they appear
on the planet, we dwell.

It begins with a season
hot, dry, thirsty
feeding on nectar of hope,
Like the baby
that sucks milk
from the mother's breasts

Wet Evening

On the dazzling forehead of sky
no kiss of the clouds

Now it's the pregnancy of rainy season
tears of the black clouds
in the luscious lips of thunder

broken heart is swinging
on the torn net of the stars



America was great and remains great
Let the facts remain facts
No country can afford bloodshed and shootouts
They have suffered on this account

Mr. Trump has come out with triumph with majority
We all want that pregnancy should be terminated before delivery
He has promised to bring about certain changes