~ Inaesthetic Global Pollution ~ Poem by MS. NIVEDITA BAGCHI SPC. UK.

~ Inaesthetic Global Pollution ~

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Ms. Nivedita
18 March 18,2010.


We need moral, aesthetic, biblio, audio, visual over all soul’s sanitization. It’s important and urgent and must be regarded as ‘Must Dos’.

I’m grateful to Respected Sr. Hon’ble Poet Dr. Subbhendu Kar for giving me kind permission to club this relevant comment with this poem.

Readers are requested to contemplate and excogitate this comment and give PH a soignée, suave, and tidy ambience and genius loci for humane face, 'mutual amour propre' and debonair outfit as the commentator like many expressed deep anguish and concern ~ niv


Dr.subhendu Kar (3/19/2010 3: 48: 00 PM)
to one of the stunning rejoinder as i would like to express my displeasure by the unsavory, disgruntled yet heinous demeanor as when one faces at times while trudging on the path of day today life irrespective of any place, people, cast, creed or gender consideration,
yes of course that was there in stone age in most wild way in deep forest and we gradually evolved to a most refined homo sapiens because by the greater virtue of education, knowledge, wisdom, yet braced up by more rationality as on today by twenty first century,
but shockingly we still we find certain wild traits still inherent in certain species of mankind which is when most rueful yet stark appalling fact,
but by advent genetic science and the modern bio-technological tools it has been quite pregnant with possibility to clone a living organism or to alter undesired characteristics in man or any living organism even any kind of disease/ insanity in human population
according to desired characteristics scientist are in a way of progress to clone man of superb qualities for greater benevolence of society to make our posterity stable and disease free to a most unbelievable extent by completion of Human genome project and of course complete human gene mapping, it has been quite possible to locate the undesired gene or defunct leading to dysfunction of cell physiology that causes constant aberration in health system, so any abberated man can be re pared
at the same time by applying the different modern techniques biotechnology say for example of Recombinant DNA Technology, scientist are in position to cure any kind abnormal disease, or psychology in human health system by gene therapy, even by taking the help DNA-chips replacement for appropriate gene requirement in a biological system to find the solution to our age old human psychosis in the niche of human health, administration crime and peace in the society
, yet time is not far off, where it would be possible to prepare our heavenly humankind by cutting edges of human genetics by solve the very mystery of any kind of cancer in social system of population by insanity,
and i do condemn this misdemeanor by personal mudslinging among ourselves in any form in this global village, thanks for sharing


Many Lurid
Salacious Vulgarvermis
Lowinstinct Lunatics
Pampering Nurturing
Uncontrolled Libido Airing
Inaesthetic Global Pollution
The Psychopath Sadist
Uninhibited ID
On continuous
Contemplation Belowbeltline. [1]

Polluting Familylife
Streetlife Tubelfe
Malllife Internetlife
Clublife Bedroomlife
Officelife Ho-Life
In Hitlist Targetlist
We Women Are In. [2]

Like MadDogSyndrome
Libertinism Promiscuous
Ejecting Concocterotica
Concupiscence Lasciviousness
Uncontrolled Queasy Vile Eros. [3]

Viledroppings Thro’
Glanceogle Grimaceguile
Bibliowanton Voxvulgarity
Signsmut Carnal Elbowroomseeker. [4]

Hey Dear
Scientists… Geneticists
Doctors … Biochemists
Biotechnologist… Biologists
Wake up Get Started
Feel The Milieu.

Answer Us:
Women Are Victim
Mostly Rottenly Abysmally
Timeimmemorial Why Since?

Findout the Gene
Hey Scientists Brothers

Early Gestation
Gene Detection
Medico Sociopsychical
By Law Compulsion
Pregnancy Termination
Violent Demonlech
We'll Kibosh Coming
Smilingly Opt For Kidless Life.

Let Them
Not See Nascent Sun
Not Breath Pure Air
Not Feel Vibe Of Smileyflowers
Bathe In Lithe Rill.

Result: Women
Can Breathfreely
Expresses Aestheticvibes
Find Space …No Spycam
Walk Dignifiedly Fearlessly
Get… Give Pure Ambience
Emotional Exchange
For Paradigm Change.

We’ll Be Lovegivercarer
For Genteel Weather
Assuring You E’er
Civil Scoietymen
Nifty Planate Dweller
Please ponder
Findout Answer.

[An apology: Please don’t think me as a feminist …though we’re about 45% of world population …I’d the trauma by vile-lech personal attack and thro’ comment on my poems …also disfigured to satiate eros…and suffering still ~ niv]

Mad Dog Syndrome: Please Google for info

Copyright reserved by author

Surya . 24 March 2010

well a very authentic and rsponsible write. you have covered all aspects.brilliant and timely. voted 10 for you surya

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nature 360 26 March 2010

I like the way you let go the building steam in you; I have felt it many times. On the matter of future tech advancements, I would like to say that the way bio technology is being developed with out any self control on the part of the scientists 'on what is right and what is wrong'; a day of reckoning will soon confront us as we seek to challenge God. Research if misused can play havoc with a lot of innocent people. Hope the predators of this unchallenged development will take heed.

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Sandra Fowler 26 March 2010

A very strong, contemporary message delivered with drama and vitality.An original mind is definately at work here.10, for you. Warm regards, Sandra

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Rm. Shanmugam Chettiar 27 March 2010

a sensible write. shan

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Carol Gall 27 March 2010

interesting bunch of ifs i do not believe in cloning but if some evil traits can be removed great

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Louis Cecile 21 April 2012

Emotions run deep. Very reminiscent of the misguided nature of yesteryear when the slightest thing was confused and condoned. In regards to your other poem, I believe people focused too much on the title than the meaning of maintaining innocence. The great thing about poetry is the freedom of expression and this should always be maintained. Your piece clearly shows the impact of the pain of the last few weeks. Quite an interesting style of bombarding the reader with a shower of words both common and uncommon causing much when the main theme is well documented. The intensity is truly felt. A talented poet must remain to write.

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Matt Mooney 20 August 2010

A poem with a strong statement.The theme is well developed and sustained.10.

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David Beckham 03 August 2010

The crazy order of things and the crazy order of the world we live in. None lives the world in a buoyant state we found it in! Great write. Indeed this poem gets into the fabric of our culture today and what is sadly considered a norm. My prayer is that our must dos must remain our call to action. Nicely penned!

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Sally Plumb Plumb 31 July 2010

I just don't know what to say.I haven't the eloquence of some.

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Hon’ble Poet Terence George Craddock I’m indeed feeling relived again that you voiced against such ‘Foulmouthed’ … ‘Vilemouthed’…’Vilebulimic’…and many many thanks by all hearts… Total sanitization is not possible …but such ‘Motormouthed’ persons must be shown Red Card [read ‘Red Eyes’]…to flush out them from the Tournament of Poetry for a fair play not a foul play. Thanks you again for sensing a woman’s trauma Kindest regards I’m indebtedly yours niv - Copy to: Hon’ble Poet Terence George Craddock

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