Summer Comes Poem by Valerie Dohren

Summer Comes

Rating: 4.9

Summer comes
splendid in its coming -

bringing to maturity
the promises of Spring.

Summer comes
with the aching wantonness of fertility
and fulfilment

the ripening of moist fruit
soon to harvest

and the pregnancy of
virgin soil.

Summer comes -
eager to bring forth new life.

When Mars conjoins with Venus …..

Summer comes.

Hans Vr 22 February 2014

Beautiful poem full of hope. Nicely written. A great ten

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Dinesan Madathil 23 February 2014

Ah! Valerie, your English Sun is coming in his chariot soon And our Indian Sun is going to charge against us later with no hopes left. Your summer is your pride and our envy.

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Hazel Durham 23 February 2014

A stunning write with great use of words to bring summer, a time of fulfilment and to rejoice in the expectation of new horizons!

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Lawerence Mize 23 February 2014

Just what I needed to keep the winter blues at bay.

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Kerry Sheridan 23 February 2014

This poem makes me full of anticipation. I love the effect, thank you.

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Dave Walker 07 March 2014

A wonderful poem, when summer comes it's time for new beginnings.

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John Brown 04 March 2014

It can't come soon enough for me Val. Nice one my friend.

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V P Mahur 03 March 2014

Dear Valerie tru feels of summer that excites the soul and makes the heart passionate. Thanks Please read my poems and give your views.

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Diane Hine 02 March 2014

Summer is a bit too 'eager' for me but I enjoyed your lusty poem.

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Juan Olivarez 28 February 2014

Can't come soon enough for me.; -)

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