Seven Ages Of Woman Poem by John Knight

Seven Ages Of Woman

Rating: 4.8

With Apologies to William Shakespeare

All the world's a stage
And all the Girls and Ladies merely players
They come on stage perform - and then go off stage (still performing) .
And each Woman in her time plays many many many parts!
Her main acts are in seven stages - seven ages
At first the infant - gooing and cooing - in her Mother's arms.
Then the excitable pre-teen with her braces and Barbie!
Giggling - playing peek-a-boo with all her frilly friends.
Skipping off to school - oblivious of the future.
Then the teenager - all spots, angst and hormones!
Then - suddenly the Lover - sighing and moaning
Delighting in her Amours hugs and kisses X X X X X
Then the stenographer - stuck in an office routine.
Credit cards - debit cards - slave to the internet.
Fantasing each Friday about Val Hallah 'Le Weekend'
Come day - go day wishin' each day could be Sunday!
Then the Bride - Toujour en Blanc - naturellement
The Groom - an item in the entourage - naturellement!
Then without training or undue preparation - The MOTHER
Pregnancy - promise of perfection - new eternal life!
(Well it does seem to go on forever - and ever - and ever) .
Then woosh! With blood & tears from womb to world.
The first baby is a miracle - never to be repeated - so perfect
Growing - child - growing - teen - growing - then - GOING!
The 'Empty Nest' The sixth age - freeage after bondage
Time - money - freedom - relaxation - the Beauty Parlour
The Health Spa - lunches with the Girls - flirtations!
Space - fun - travel the world - enjoy enjoy enjoy.
The suddenly without warning or flashing lights
The final age begins! Gravity sets in the figure gets out
Memory takes it leave - Mobility now needs a scooter
We become as dependent as children - dependent on our children!
Sans dents - sans yeux - sans goutent - sans TOUT!

Almedia Knight-Oliver 24 September 2009

John I enjoyed reading the 'Seven stages of women'. all the world is a stage and all the girls and ladies merely players-a fresh perception. Oftentimes, not receiving award for our roles and performance. Just being a wife, mother, and grandmother is a woman's rewarding. The final stage 'gravity sets in memory takes leave' It does seem like we become dependent on our children or institutionalized. An insightful poem about seven stages of Women.. A 10+++

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V H Ferguson 25 September 2009

Such an insightful and true poem. The rhythm of it is great, flowing perfectly. And I think I can concur entirely with the teenage stage! ; -) One of my favourites of yours so far! 10, of course. x

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Hmm …nice poetic observation. ‘We become as dependent as children - dependent on our children’ … Sir, is it so, in west still? Where honeycombing of ‘Old-Home’ and kids stays within radius of week ends or monthly or holiday visit or visit in fest. Somewhere I read, ‘To earn and enjoy young age west is best…to spend old age and die east [India] is best’… lolol… Thanks for a great poem Such poly morphism is genetically women are endowed with e.g. ovary which is most poly morphic organ in human body …here hormone does the miracle. Thanks for such a great poem. 10+ Ms. Nivedita UK PS Sr. Poet Ma'am Almedia, '...not receiving award...It does seem like we become dependent on our children or 'institutionalized' ' [quote unquote is mine of word 'institutionalized' n

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Janell Cressman 06 October 2009

wow, that is one amazing poem

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Beauty Philosophy 28 September 2009

A beautiful insightful poem. It perfectly depicts the seven ages of women. Well-crafted. VOTED.

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Philosophy of a DewyFlower 27 September 2009

A Perceptive Poem about Perfect SEVEN Ages. you have clearly highlighted the Cycle a crafty write/ I scored 10 Thanks/

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Luwi Habte 25 September 2009

am speach less this is so nice pice dad love the rythm well done there love luwi

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John Knight

John Knight

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