Albert Einstein 49 - Albert's Sons - Hans Albert & Eduard Poem by Geeta Radhakrishna Menon

Albert Einstein 49 - Albert's Sons - Hans Albert & Eduard

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Dr Einstein loved children but what an irony!
He never could enjoy the presence of
His own children along with him during his life time.
They remained far away and distant from him.
Though he was a great humanist and a pacifist,
His critics felt that he neglected not only his children
But his wives - Mileva and Elsa too.
Most often, he was engrossed in his scientific work,
Or his other passionate pursuits, friendships or travels.
Is it destiny that played tricks with Dr Einstein?
It could never be neglect or indifference, because,
From the many letters he wrote to his sons,
And the financial support that he provided for them
Wherever he was stationed, it is obvious that
He was worried, concerned and cared for his children.

Hans Albert was born on 14th May 1904 in Bern.
It was a difficult pregnancy for Mileva,
But Albert was jubilant to be a father at the age of 25.
And accepted all the responsibilities of a father with joy.
He played with his toddler son - Hans or ‘Adu'
And taught him many games and puzzles.
Perhaps, this was the happiest period for Mileva & Albert.
Later, when his second son Eduard was born,
Albert was already a well-known scientist
And much involved with his professional work.
Eduard or ‘Tete' was born on 28th July 1910.
Though a bright child, Eduard was frail, sick and sensitive,
It was a difficult task for Mileva to raise the child all by herself,
Considering Mileva herself had many health problems.
Her elder son Hans too, needed her care and affection.

It is sad that Eduard was diagnosed with schizophrenia,
Just when he was only twenty years old.
His mother Mileva, looked after him to the best of her ability.
But after she died in 1948, after many years of illness and hardships,
Eduard was admitted into psychiatric hospitals in Switzerland.
Perhaps, his condition must have worsened
And deteriorated without the love and care of his mother!
In 1965, Eduard died in Burgholzi, Switzerland,
After prolonged mental illness. Einstein's biographer,
Carl Seelig, took an interest in Eduard while he was in the hospital,
Regularly visited him for which Dr. Einstein was extremely grateful.
He profusely apologised for his own negligence of his son Eduard.
With much regret, Einstein wrote to Carl Seelig:
" I believe I would rouse painful feelings of various kinds in him, if I were to make an appearance in whatever form.

A Biographical Poem

Friday, August 13, 2021
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Here is a sincere attempt to write the biographical life and works of Dr.Albert Einstein. For detailed explanation of Albert Einstein's Research Papers on varied topics, please read books published by Princeton University Press.1. ‘Albert Einstein - A biography' by Alice Calaprice & Trevor Lipscombe 2019.2. ‘Einstein's Miraculous Year' by Alice Calaprice and Sam Elworthy 3. Quantum Generations: A history of Physics in 20th century, Princeton. N.J 4. Quantum Profiles by Jeremy Bernstein - Princeton, N.J 5. Collected Papers of Albert Einstein (CPAE) various editors and translators, Vol.1 to 9, Princeton, N.J, Princeton University Press.6. The New Quotable Einstein Princeton, N.J, Princeton University Press.7. Albert Einstein - New York, Viking.8. The Einstein Scrapbook by Ze'ev Rosenkranz, Baltimore, John Hopkins University Press.9. Ideas and Opinions by Albert Einstein 10. Albert Einstein by Albrecht Folsing So many books have been written on Dr. Albert Einstein. My poems are based on the books that I have read specially ‘The Biography" by Alice Calaprice & Trevor Lispscombe. Added to it are my own little observations and interpretations based on Einstein's life. Dr. Einstein was a man attached to his family but unfortunately, he could not spend much time with his sons - Hans Albert and Eduard, as they lived with their mother Mileva, whom he divorced in 1919. He could meet them only during their vacation. His first child was a daughter whom he never saw. Perhaps, this was the greatest disappointment and regret of his life. Dear Friends and Poets, Thank you for reading these poems on the life and work of Dr.Albert Einstein. I remain most grateful and thankful for your beautiful feedback!
Rose Marie Juan-austin 14 August 2021

Life does not give everything we want in life. We may excel in many fields but sometimes our personal life is sacrificed though we never intend to do so.

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Rose Marie Juan-austin 14 August 2021

Another interesting and one of a kind life story of a great man, Dr. Albert Einstein.

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Sylvia Frances Chan 14 August 2021

5 Stars full on Top for this very sad part of Dr. Einstein's life. Indeed what an irony, so very true! Genius are known having the lack to show their deep emotions. Very sad indeed

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Sylvia Frances Chan 14 August 2021

Very sad and touching is this part of his life, indeed he could never enjoy the presence of his children during his life, a genius is like that, he could even not enjoy the presence of his two wives!

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Harley White 14 August 2021

The biographical passage about a great figure like Einstein is most welcome. Thank you for sharing this.

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Chinedu Dike 14 October 2021

Really a very sad part of his glorious story penned with profound insight.

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Vrinda 28 September 2021

Life story of Dr.Albert Einstein.

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M Asim Nehal 15 August 2021

To balance life between several things and to maintain relationship till the very end are some daunting tasks and no one ever suceeded except for the Prophets sent by Almighty. Yet another thoughtful piece.5****

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Rose Marie Juan-austin 14 August 2021

Magnificent presentation and well expressed. Top Marks!

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Rose Marie Juan-austin 14 August 2021

A beautiful and vivid portrayal on the life of Dr. Albert Einstein. Each and every page of his life story is turned through the wonderful pen of a brilliant Poetess.

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