Direct Helps Humanity And Contributions Need To Be Contributed Right Now (Prose Poem)

Many people in the world are eagerly willing to help
The natural calamities, poverties and manmade
Dangers, cruelties affected people
But they do not find whom and where to help,

When at present Myanmar is manmade hell
Where innocent Rohingyas are severely oppressed,
Brutally tortured, horribly killed cutting, burning, raping
Forcefully got them out from their rightful mother land,

Man Of Earth In Color And Art (Prose Poem)

Direct clay was turned into required elements
parts, sections, groups, classes in proportion
to set in every function in as pottery style,
osteoblasts turned into bones to form the cage,
limes were to join each point of the body
veins surrounded in and out of 206 bones
hard, soft, wide, length, fat, thin
setting by inner limbs, thick flesh and skin
strong, elastic for the whole earthly life spent.

Knowledge Confined In Paper (Prose Poem)

Sharpening the cells in cerebrum and cerebellum
Through meditation, arts, knowledge and strategy
With emotion, motion of sad and happy persons
From the history up to date and the moving pages
Writers write, artists art in front of the open universe,

The mysterious nature focuses the light of unknown
In the power of truth beauty in place and time both
Creation, destruction, origin of things and beings
With lots of evidence, imageries similes, legends,

Because You Asked About The Line Between Prose And Poetry

Sparrows were feeding in a freezing drizzle
That while you watched turned into pieces of snow
Riding a gradient invisible
From silver aslant to random, white, and slow.

There came a moment that you couldn't tell.
And then they clearly flew instead of fell.

A Broken Heart (Prose)

When you left my heart
was broken
tiny pieces were scattered
my search to find and
repair the damage began

I grew very excited for
in my search
thinking I had finally

Poem In Prose

This poem is for my wife.
I have made it plainly and honestly:
The mark is on it
Like the burl on the knife.

I have not made it for praise.
She has no more need for praise
Than summer has
Or the bright days.

Various Quotes From On Poetry And Craft: Selected Prose Of Theodore Roethke

The poem, even a short time after being written,
seems no miracle; unwritten, it seems
something beyond the capacity of the gods.


Art is the means we have of undoing the damage of
haste. It's what everything else isn't.


My Friend Of Misery (Prose)

Drifting out of sight, fading into the night.
Times of frustration and depression.
An uncomfortably disturbing state of mind deriving from the darkness...
Thrown into a state of intense stress and desperation, how can I ease the pain in my aching heart?
Sadness resulting from being forsaken!
A solitary night, untouched, unspoken to — Loneliness!
In the pitch-dark when even your shadow abandons you!
Falling into gentle ruin, nothing here, only worms writhing round and round — writhing away while my brain leaks into the ground.

* A Prose Quote From Walt Whitman Appropriate To The Spirit Of This Blog (1855 Preface To 'Leaves Of Grass')

'Through the divinity of themselves shall the kosmos and the new breed of poets be interpreters of men and women and of all events and things. They shall find their inspiration in real objects to-day, symptoms of the past and future....They shall not deign to defend immortality or God or the perfection of things or liberty or the exquisite beauty and reality of the soul. They shall arise in America and be responded to from the remainder of the earth.'

Quoted from 'The Harvard Classics' edited by Charles W, Eliot copyright of 1938 by P. F. Collier & Son Corporation 'Prefaces and Prologues to Famous Books with Introductions and Notes' New York page 407 to 408.

They Shut Me Up In Prose

They shut me up in Prose --
As when a little Girl
They put me in the Closet --
Because they liked me "still" --

Still! Could themself have peeped --
And seen my Brain -- go round --
They might as wise have lodged a Bird
For Treason -- in the Pound --

Master Of Disguise (Prose)

*'master of disguise' is not a poem, i know...
it's just something that i wrote & felt like sharing with the world :)

I'm afraid to sleep because I'm afraid to dream … I always dream of you, why do I constantly dream of you? What are you? ! … You invade my dreams, my mind, my every thought, my space, you invade my life! You hide in my shadow, you hide deep within my wounds.I catch you move! But still no one can see you! You follow me, you never leave me, I see you underneath my eyes, yet, no one does! And no one believes me! My lack of proof is your disguise. O, my eyes filled with sadness, sorrows, and grief and my heart filled with anger and charred hatred. Why do I hate you? Is it even possible to hate something that breathes my air and runs in my veins? ! You don't really exist, do you? You're nothing but a figment of my imagination! - Aren't you? … All these questions and thoughts became cages!
I close my eyes … I almost got away - almost …
I fell into a place that I've always been afraid of … I fell asleep with my phone in my hand waiting for you to text me back my dear friend. I fell into a place that I've always - always been afraid of … And I had a dream - I had the same dream again! The dream where he feels safe, secure and powerful, where he pulls off his disguise and play the game!

Broken, Beat & Scarred (Prose)

He crawled out from under my bed; I felt the darkness as he pulled me down - as he tried to drag me down!
He slashed my neck, but I fought back! O, how I fought back! I fought back with all my might! … However, my body couldn't take it anymore; So, I stood still, defenseless, and watched the strength of my body as it slowly slipped away. I started to decay, to the point where I was so close of giving up. My little heart was on the verge of bursting with rage because I felt so weak and powerless in front of him.

Zz Border Collies Dilemma Or Lessons Of A Working Dog Br Humourous Prose

I never laughed any harder in my life, not about anything or at anytime.

We were watching a television show called “Worlds Most Amazing Animal Videos”
Boredom became bedlam the instant the Border Collie segment aired.
I laughed long, loud, continuously and consistently.
I laughed to the point my husband was forced to fret for my sanity.
It had that profound an effect on me.

Some fool had dressed capuchin monkeys up in miniature cowboy outfits complete with chaps and cowboy hats, and then set them on tiny saddles strapped onto the backs of Border Collies.

* A Prosody, Prose And; Theme Un-Silenced

* A Prosody, Prose and;
Theme Un-silenced

There's hardly a day that I do not dismay, feeling physically helpless to make some alternative difference in the intercepting of inhuman wars that are raping our forsaken planet of its environmental and life's loving existence. I'm left bewildered to see passive poetic titles reflect with many a reader's comment, while other writs of war, remain void of few concerning word. I feel that silence may ill brew some sincere 'Helplessness' from within.

To The Stork. (Armenian Popular Song, From The Prose Version Of Alishan)

Welcome, O Stork! that dost wing
Thy flight from the far-away!
Thou hast brought us the signs of Spring,
Thou hast made our sad hearts gay.

Descend, O Stork! descend
Upon our roof to rest;
In our ash-tree, O my friend,
My darling, make thy nest.

A Perfect Mess (Prose)

10th of April 2013...
She comes in — walking with heavy steps...She walks in with naturally curly hair hiding her face — hiding her eyes.
There she sits — First row, third seat on the right, Like always...
She sets her black 'the Beatles' backpack down on the floor...
Choked on silence...Suffocating with her own words...Smothered by her own thoughts. Time is stretching...Something is killing her inside! Deep inside — it's killing her! ! She now takes a few breaths before taking her breakfast and iphone out of her backpack — Big chunks of oranges and apples for breakfast in a Tupperware...She checks her phone & goes through the photos posted on Instagram just to find a way out — hoping to find something that would keep her mind off.... Shitty Things keeping her mind busy! —those damn thoughts are disconnecting her from her surroundings!
She opens the Tupperware and picks a piece of apple and slowly puts it in her mouth — Mouth tastes of sick stomach twisting inside, she seems to have difficulty swallowing...She checks her phone to help herself take what’s upsetting her out of her mind... She lies to herself — She looks me in the eyes and lie to both of us saying that she’s fine... But I know — I know that there is something hidden under her heart... There's no need to tell me because it's written on her face... I can see her tears, I can see the sadness in her drowning eyes, I can hear the words that went unspoken....
But I don't know what to do or what to say....

Letter In Prose And Verse To Mrs. Bunbury


I read your letter with all that allowance which critical candour could
require, but after all find so much to object to, and so much to raise
my indignation, that I cannot help giving it a serious answer.

I am not so ignorant, Madam, as not to see there are many sarcasms
contained in it, and solecisms also. (Solecism is a word that comes from
the town of Soleis in Attica, among the Greeks, built by Solon, and
applied as we use the word Kidderminster for curtains, from a town also

Spending Time Together (Prose)

As I sit this morning sip
my coffee, thinking about
a lovely small island nation.

A house perched high on a hill-
top over looking the bay.

Beautiful balconies surrounding
it. Boats emerging in and out of
the harbor. The sun is brightly

Vedas 2 - The Vast Vedic Literature Of Hymns & Prose

The Samhitas are vast literature
That comprise Hymns in praise of
The Indwelling God
That resides in all beings;
The sacrificial methods and methodology; And
The Litanies - A series of Vedic prayers!

The Brahmanas comprise
Theological literature
In prose format,

What Success Is.(Translation Of My Poem As A Prose By Brian Johnston)

What Success Is…..

Success is: when your beliefs bear fruit in the world and make your life better, when your thoughts are considered valuable by others.

Success is: fighting for dreams you believe in, not pursuing dreams that are not yours.

Success is: indifferent to fortune or fame, following your bliss is the only rule.

Success is: not a money chaser. One’s reputation always comes first.