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Abdul Wahab
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  • ''‘' No idea is an idea if it does not take out ignorance and eliminate poverty ‘'''
  • ''''' Love for knowledge is equal to love for life''........nw''
  • '''' Who love knowledge they love themselves''.........nw''
  • '''' No words are words if they are not used to sharp your mind and bend you to seek knowledge''..........nw''
  • '''' A thoughtful face is better than a smiling face.''........nw''
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  • Wahab Abdul Wahab Abdul (6/5/2016 8:54:00 AM)

    Useless Poem
    In this fortunate morning
    I have gone through many volumes of poetry
    Yet I did not get any idea to write my own poems
    Nor did I inspire a bit to write anything
    All the ideas came into mind
    On many accounts seemed to me worthless
    Either these ideas are over told again and again
    Or the meaning of these ideas have been lost
    Why not then, honesty is picking up
    Or humanity is growing fast?
    The choice of men has been deteriorated so low
    Otherwise, how can a man voted to power
    Whose track record says he is a murderer
    In another world in another country
    People are gearing up
    To vote the jokers and buffoons
    What they publicly say
    It shows that they are racists, hate mongers
    It seems in their hearts only are slurs and wars
    Whatever is going all over the world
    Is not going for good
    But what can I do? I cannot leave this world
    In great sorrow I write this useless poem.

  • Wahab Abdul Wahab Abdul (6/3/2016 3:07:00 PM)

    The Defect in Sleep

    Who has invented day?
    Does the same entity invented night?
    If so, then, the same must have invented sleep
    That covers us like a cloak and becomes a means
    To hungry to avoid hunger or provides drink to thirsty
    Peace to those who are disturbed
    Rest to those who are tired
    Healing to wounded
    And makes an equal a beggar to a king
    A proud to humble, all wonderful men to an ordinary
    But it has one defect and that is it has similarities to death
    Since there is little difference between a dead
    And a man who is asleep
    Is that defect created on purpose?
    If so, then, who is its creator?
    Is it that entity that never touches sleep or death?
    If yes, then that entity must be the wisest.

  • Wahab Abdul Wahab Abdul (5/31/2016 1:09:00 AM)

    In my den one day came the sun,
    I gave him a little bit of secret knowledge of mine
    Now, he does not suffer the pain like before
    Out of his constant burning
    Nor has he to stop to give to his beloved earth
    The continuous flow of required heat and light

    If you wish, all of you may come to my house
    I know the path short cut how to rise
    Have the fun, joy and ecstasy
    All the luxuries and comforts of life
    Without going through the pain and suffering
    Taking the hardships in your stride

    Hold on, man, do not be swayed away
    I am known to a ‘’secret power’’ too
    By which I can make you all powerful a king or queen
    The richest person, the most intelligent human
    Bring back to you, your lost love
    Put all the name and fame at your feet
    Peace in mind, all the happiness of the world
    And see you off with a boon
    Now, you must be the most curious creature
    To know who am I
    I am kidding, my friend, playing with your longing and desire.

  • Wahab Abdul Wahab Abdul (5/31/2016 1:01:00 AM)

    the Bridge
    Instead of water the current of this river is fire
    Over the river is a pond
    The water of this pond is as sweet as honey
    In between is a bridge
    The bridge is as sharp as the edge of a blade
    To those who do not believe its maker
    But it is wider than any high way of the world
    To a person who believes
    If this bridge is a creation then it must have a creator.

  • Wahab Abdul Wahab Abdul (5/30/2016 7:14:00 AM)

    In this harbour of life
    Do not only moor the ships of sweeties
    Here are also played
    Grudge matches of rejections
    With ball and bat
    Plenty of runs are scored by them
    In life who are the real losers
    Rather than
    The players who are victorious.

  • Wahab Abdul Wahab Abdul (5/30/2016 7:12:00 AM)

    The sleep in white coat
    Comes into and sits down beside me
    And tells me a story in which
    I am not aware of that I am in a dream
    First I laugh then I ask her
    Where am I heading to end up?
    She says
    The starting and ending are never distinguished
    The points are always at the same source
    Only the places are different
    But you will never know
    Because you are in a dream.

  • Wahab Abdul Wahab Abdul (5/15/2016 9:12:00 AM)

    Frances Tio Simwinga, , Ha ha ha Md Abdul
    you never cease to amaze me; just a masterpiece so delicious.

  • Wahab Abdul Wahab Abdul (5/1/2016 9:55:00 AM)


    Everyone wants to see the beautiful leaves
    And seek to take flowers to their nostril
    But here I am lying alone in the dark and deep
    Though they know without me there will be no fruit;

    They are found to talk about the events
    They are found, too, to feel the effects
    But no one is ready to pull the lid or the carpet
    But I am here under the cover in the dark and deep
    Though they know without me they will not taste the fruit;

    Fever is not a disease but the manifestation
    That something inside in you has gone wrong
    Behind everything right or wrong I am the cause
    Find me out first before you go to be happy or sad
    I am here the root that causes to bear a tree flowers or fruit.

  • Wahab Abdul Wahab Abdul (4/30/2016 1:04:00 PM)

    Quality versus Quantity
    In knee water I am waiting covertly like a crane
    To flash up the carp but nothing comes up
    Valuable time is lost, no quality has been seen
    Like a swarm of bees the flints of thoughts appear
    I catch them indiscriminately like crabs in my writing
    On the dry and sandy shore of my rippled mind
    I thought one day on the paper this herd of wild bison
    Would turn to a pack of lions, but I see these to turn
    Into a battalion of a brainless sheep to eat grass
    A quantity of piled up raw meat, but no quality
    So it is quality versus quantity, at a time never comes both
    In a match when one is on the field, the other goes to hide.

  • Wahab Abdul Wahab Abdul (4/29/2016 8:45:00 AM)


    I do not like the atheists and the pagans
    Nor the slutty politicians or butterfly political analysts
    With the religious people whom I now hate to talk with
    I could give you all the reasons one by one
    But I do not care the whole world
    I do not see films or listen to songs as such
    If the concerned people do not care me, too
    And do not read my poems
    I would not be a sad man
    As I have alreday left them in the lurch
    It does not mean I am alone
    And face the wolves of loneliness
    Here I am with my darling
    On the bank of my life playing with my mind in solitude.

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>≫≫I Want To Die

Heavenly cursed and heavily sinned I
No more i like to add them, so, I want to die
And I want to become a holy ghost
Whom the people would like the most.
Like the retreating soldiers I like to come back
To my own permanent and eternal home
You may call it a suicide or martyrdom.

In my real home I see the news
Coming from the lipstick coated lips
In the television of my molten death
People are sobbing with a heavy breath.
The atmosphere is heavy and they feel the pain
This thrills me and gives a feeling of gain.

The only son of my ...

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