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Poems of Allenika ...

1. Alone on Sea 4/25/2006
2. But You Weren't Alone... 4/13/2007
3. Fighter, the Survivor 1/26/2009
4. Heart, Can You Answer? 5/25/2006
5. I see your pain 10/6/2009
6. I Wish You Felt My Love... 3/24/2006
7. Love of Family 1/27/2009
8. Maybe I see you the last time 1/25/2007
9. the only one i trusted 8/21/2009
10. There Would Be No Life without.. 4/28/2006
11. We Haven't Even Met 8/25/2009
12. Who Am I...? 1/26/2009

Fighter, the Survivor

I am a fighter, the survivor
I wonder where’s my family
I hear the heavy boots of soldiers running
I see the enemy all around me
I want to have a peaceful life
I am a fighter, the survivor

I pretend that some women is my mother
I feel like the death is chasing me

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