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4. Heart, Can You Answer? 5/25/2006
5. I see your pain 10/6/2009
6. I Wish You Felt My Love... 3/24/2006
7. Love of Family 1/27/2009
8. Maybe I see you the last time 1/25/2007
9. the only one i trusted 8/21/2009
10. There Would Be No Life without.. 4/28/2006
11. We Haven't Even Met 8/25/2009
12. Who Am I...? 1/26/2009

Love of Family

I was raised by
the love of my family,
the love that made me grow strong,
the love that made me glow in the dark,
'Her face shines so bright
it doesn't have a sad mark'
that kind of love.

The love that has formed my life,

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