Aman Saa

Rookie (Assam, India)

Aman Saa Poems

1. Story Of Desire 2/29/2012
2. Little On Life 2/29/2012
3. Images And Shadow Of Love 2/29/2012
4. Traveler And The Road 2/29/2012
5. Walk Of A Stream (From The Mad Man's Song) 3/6/2012
6. Mad Man's Song 3/16/2012
7. I 3/20/2012
8. Portrait Of A Stranger 4/19/2012
9. Your Old Diary 4/23/2012
10. He And She(Somewhere, Another Day) 5/9/2012
11. She And He- One Day, Somewhere...(Part-I) 5/9/2012
12. Traces Of Madness (Madman's Song) 5/13/2012
13. Some Silence, Some Words 2/18/2012
14. Story Of Love Untitled 2/19/2012
15. Findings And Losings (Song From The Madman) 2/29/2012
16. Journey Or Stoppage 2/29/2012
17. In The Silent Waves 5/17/2012
18. Seasons...(One) 5/25/2012
19. Connotation Drops 6/15/2012
20. Mounting Shores 7/8/2012
21. Defining Dots 7/8/2012
22. Birth Of Hope 7/17/2012
23. Life's Gamble (Protagonist) 9/12/2012
24. Unconscious 9/26/2012
25. Paused Prayers 11/6/2012
26. A Lady As Sandhya 12/1/2012
27. Exile 2/2/2013
28. Exile Essay 2/2/2013
29. Abstractions Of A Temple 7/11/2013
30. Dreams 7/11/2013
31. Conspiracy 7/11/2013
32. Unknown Walks 7/19/2012
33. Anonymous Song 9/12/2012
34. Girl Of The City 7/19/2012
35. Homecoming Of A Wanderer (To Bhupen Hazarika) 2/29/2012
36. Traces Of Madness (Madman's Song) 5/13/2012
37. August Lanes 9/12/2012
Best Poem of Aman Saa

August Lanes

time cannot have a name
neither timelessness.
But an awakening may arrive
in a moment newness may begin
as you come across a passage
that makes you think over again
Is it the right way to walk?

wonder cannot have an accent
as fragrance cannot have definition
but the midnight blossom of yours
in the lone garden of this empty time
speaks of a wonder whose fragrance is all

I have been to several abandoned corners
with the strings of my existence
I have tied many a pole
Yet every time I reflect
it seems the rules of life are ...

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Little On Life

Life is strange,,,
it teaches us to walk and smile in sunrise,,
One day so it happens
from the road of roses it sweeps us to the river of deserts..
and gifts us with rolls of thorns,,,
we cry, we shout, and even dip to silence of night,,,
though life flows on its own..
and finally one day
it carries us again to the banks..

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