Caitlin Balm

Caitlin Balm Poems

1. The Men in Suits 5/30/2013
2. The City 5/26/2013
3. Musing with Balm 5/27/2013
4. Living 5/26/2013
5. Enter: The Machine 5/27/2013
6. Rattle Me This 5/30/2013
7. Birth Of Spring 7/31/2013

Musing with Balm

I wish I could heal you,
To bring you into my arms and soothe you, restore you,
Tell you everything kindly, gently.

But that is not who I am.
I yell out, OUT! into nothing. 'Who am I? ' 'What am I? '
Does my name, my title, mean anything at all?

Perhaps I embalm you. Preserve you.

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