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40. Memories 7/23/2013
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Why Am I So Sad,

I'm so sad because I can,
I'm so sad cause I cant hold your hand,
I'm so sad because I've lost the way,
I'm so sad so so sad today.

I'm so sad I think I'll cry,
I'm so sad I think I'll just die,
O No! ! I made you mad, yea just anther reason I'm so sad.
I'm so sad for the way I am,
I'm so sad and really don't give a dam.

I'm sadden by the truth,
I'm sad by the untamed youth,
I'm sad for me and all the things I've done,
I'm sad today, O look my gun,
as I stare down the barrel wanting to die,
I guess I'm sad and wanted to say ...

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you may stock my friends, you may stock my twitter,
you may stock my facebook, or what ever,
you stock my life with all you do,
get over it, Im over you,
get over me, theres nothing to see,
get over it, ya piece of shit,
try to take my kid, try to get rid,
nothing will do, just watching me, a stocker is you,
my life is full now that ya gone, i sing out loud a happy song,

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