David Whalen

Bronze Star - 2,390 Points [David O'Haolin (My ancestral Celtic name)] (5/18/38 / Covington Kentucky)

David Whalen Poems

1. Not If, But When 4/27/2009
2. Growth And Trees 4/27/2009
3. Ode To Bouncer (Is This Your Dog Too?) 4/27/2009
4. Emmaline Conner Room 101(Contest Winner Writing.Com) 4/27/2009
5. Dads, Lads, And Granddads 4/29/2009
6. Fog, Yet Another Point Of View 5/13/2009
7. Please Pay Attention Pt 1 6/20/2009
8. Pay Attention! Part 2 (Listen With Your Eyes) 6/27/2009
9. The Man At The Bar 7/7/2009
10. I Sho Hates The Devil (But God, You Gots Ta Shape Up Too 7/10/2009
11. Good 'Ol Summer Days (God, I Love 'Em) 7/22/2009
12. Bullet Below Her Breast (Missed...Udderly) 7/26/2009
13. Signs Of The Times 9/5/2009
14. I Will Be Free 9/12/2009
15. Voice Mail From Mom 5/27/2009
16. Grampa? A Tribute To Fathers (Especially The 'Ol F**ts) 6/6/2009
17. Our Amazing Dept.Of Motor Vehicles 6/14/2009
18. Butterflies Are Good (Taste A Little Like Chicken) 9/19/2009
19. Quirks And Eccentricities 9/25/2009
20. Don'T You Just Hate It? (Or Is It Just Me?) 10/3/2009
21. Beautiful Phrases 10/6/2009
22. I Just Don'T Know 10/24/2009
23. We'Re Predators And Prey 10/24/2009
24. Tomorrow Will Be A Good Day To Die 10/25/2009
25. Soft Murmuring Sound 10/29/2009
26. True, But Little Known Facts 10/30/2009
27. Praise The Lord (And Lil' Mangie) 10/30/2009
28. All Hallow's Eve 10/31/2009
29. I Miss Ol' What's Her Name 11/1/2009
30. I Watched 11/5/2009
31. Touch 11/6/2009
32. A Neighborly Guy 11/7/2009
33. What Do You See? 11/8/2009
34. Untitled Abstract Painting Of Custer's Last Stand 10/7/2009
35. Ode To Autumn (I'M In Awe Of Fall) 10/9/2009
36. Let's Just Suppose 10/14/2009
37. Ode To Romantic Norse Language 10/17/2009
38. Stream Of Consciousness 10/18/2009
39. The 'David O' Investment Plan (For Newlyweds) 10/21/2009
40. When 11/16/2009
Best Poem of David Whalen

Joy Of Spring

A Spring morning
A warm Breeze
doves cooing softly
Pollen dusted trees

A few brave violets
A red streaked dawn
A very early robin
Earthworms in the lawn

Spring peeper frogs
Smell of dogwood blossoms
Nature’s petroglyphs in muddy bogs
Footprints left by possums

Easter eggs and bonnets
Chocolate rabbits, Missing ears
Jelly beans and sonnets
Spilled easter baskets, children’s tears

leafy bowers
Spring showers

Spring mornings
Warm breezes
Deep breaths
Allergic sneezes

Smell of Fresh...

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Less Is More

If you don't want much…
Than a little is a lot
Possessions can own you
Heart and soul

To most they're a crutch
Needed likely as not
Yet are just another onus upon you

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