Erhard Hans Josef Lang

Rookie - 138 Points (January 8,1957 / Günzburg/Danube Germany)

Erhard Hans Josef Lang Poems

1. Sunday Mass For The Vain 2/13/2006
2. Light Night Breeze To One Who Calls Himself A Friend 3/14/2006
3. The Bowing Millennium Miracle 6/23/2006
4. The Legend Of The Clocks (Translation) 6/25/2006
5. In Bird's Manner (Translation) 7/5/2006
6. The Giant's Plaything (Transl. And Its Original In German) 7/5/2006
7. The Fool (Translation) 7/8/2006
8. Events That Make The Years Go Counted 7/29/2006
9. Stunning Stunt Smash-Hit Lesson 8/14/2006
10. God's Final Words Are Always In The Making, Once Your Acts Have Spoken... 9/10/2006
11. Expanding With Ancient Seers' Cosmic Mind Into States Of Bliss 9/16/2006
12. Man Wasn'T Meant To Trudge On For Ever In The Mire 9/26/2006
13. No Bars To Blooming Spirits In A Big World 10/11/2006
14. Eclipsing Untimely Queues On Whims Of Practical Intuition 10/18/2006
15. Prayer (Translation With Its Original In Finnish) 12/25/2006
16. Geese That Start To Prick The Spotless 2/15/2007
17. Uuno Kailas - The Day Tomorrow (Translation) 2/21/2007
18. Yahvet's Falling In Love (Translation With Original) 3/21/2007
19. Heart-Felt Cosmic Impacts With Shiva In The Wings And Lyrical Messages 10/1/2007
20. Economical Perfect Harmony And Its Human Stages Of Achieving It 10/6/2007
21. The Idea Of Rituals (One Example Of An Ancient Traditional Vedic Ritual) 11/3/2007
22. Sense Of Humour In The Face Of A Pistol 1/6/2008
23. Penniless Pride Of Pristine Feathers And Claws 1/18/2008
24. Schleckig Geschlecht Schleckt Nichts Schlechtes (With Translation) 1/18/2008
25. Questions And Answers With A Crystal Ball - In And Out Of Time 2/4/2008
26. No Eye-Washing No More - The High Rumoured Playboy 2/18/2008
27. Puerile Inter-Mind-State Connectivity And Sudden Flights Of Souls Protesting 3/5/2008
28. Intricacies Of The Gay Versus The Twain - Germinated Along A Track Of Tongue 3/12/2008
29. Dose Replay Set Replaced 6/7/2008
30. Pending The Finishing Of The Lore Of Human Science 8/31/2008
31. The Country Of Finland (Translation With Original) 9/8/2008
32. Lacks Reliques Are Re-Leaking Lax: Better Be Relaxed! 9/14/2008
33. Tetra Heads Of A Three-Dimensional World Glowing Quadro 10/29/2008
34. When The War Is Over 11/14/2008
35. Corruption On The Loose - Shall Always Be The Winner? (Translated Excerpt) 11/28/2008
36. Hailed Her, Held'Er, Scaled'Er Trampling On Her Grounds 12/6/2008
37. Snotty Mammon Athwart Mankind's Big Leap 12/18/2008
38. The World's Complex Differences Are Of Aztec Dimensions (With Orig. In German) 4/4/2009
39. Papa Pater Patrum Pererit Papissa Papellum 4/21/2008
40. Tributes To Self-Intoxicated Aqua-Lunged Nature's Character Of Metamorphic Spitefulness 5/4/2008
Best Poem of Erhard Hans Josef Lang

Calculus Revamp In The Making

Scientific knowledge is useful in the hands of its brains only
When applied to ends of
Improvement and the happiness in
The lives of men & other creatures,
Seeking to make out and produce best possible wherewithals
Through more and more advanced technicians' inventions that know to
Copy the laws of nature distinctly for human creations that comfort life,

For basic things that lighten up the burdens
In the lives of our species
Who stands, though expelled from nature's
Fool-proof guidance by the animal instinct
On heads held up so aloof,
Which so vainly...

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The Fool (Translation)

At the end of this my journeying on earth
I'll be taking down the mask, thus:
At the end of my journeying,
I'll hurl it now against the smilers of the herd.

Now has come the end of the laughter,
and of the fool's farce.
Since the end of the laughter will have come,
it were a moment of accusation.

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