Treasure Island

Kathy Liu

[Leave This World]

Poems of Kathy Liu

1. A Quiet End 7/11/2014
2. And One Day She Was Gone 7/3/2014
3. I Cannot Hide My Pain 7/3/2014
4. I Can't Escape From Here 7/3/2014
5. My Suicide Note 7/11/2014
6. Past the Point of Pain 7/30/2014
7. The Last Whispers of Life 7/16/2014

Past the Point of Pain

It's past midnight
And I'm watching the blood drip.
I am numb.
Nobody can destroy me,
If I destroy myself first.
I have long given up.
I watch the blood pour.
And I know I am close to death,
I cannot help smiling.
One step closer to being free
Of the shackles of life.

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