Kay Tee

Poems of Kay Tee

1. A Promise 5/14/2013
2. A Simple Girl 8/23/2013
3. Dear Problems, 5/14/2013
4. Don't Get Better Without Me 8/4/2013
5. Empty Bottles 12/31/2013
6. For My Mother 5/14/2013
7. I Feel Like You're Not Even There 7/30/2013
8. I Lost You 9/9/2013
9. In the Eye of the Beholder 12/31/2013
10. It Could Have Been 7/12/2013
11. It isn't like it used to be 5/11/2013
12. It's Difficult 7/16/2013
13. Its getting better 7/22/2013
14. Little Italy 10/15/2013
15. My Thoughts 9/6/2013
16. No I Love You This Time 9/17/2013
17. Player 6/17/2014
18. Poem 5/10/2013
19. Psuedo Smiles 6/17/2014
20. Pure Love 6/18/2013

A Promise

She found something that she had thought was never really there.
She kept it warm inside her heart and swore to always care.
It changed her life it fed her soul with tranquility and joy
The special thing that helped the girl was brought to her by a boy.
A boy that she could not imagine a single day without
A boy who gave her everything and knows what life's about
She cherished every moment
And every single kiss
She knew she saw she understood 

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