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1. Poem 5/10/2013
2. Runaway 5/14/2013
3. Without You. 7/22/2013
4. Its Getting Better 7/22/2013
5. I Feel Like You'Re Not Even There 7/30/2013
6. So They Thought 8/3/2013
7. Don'T Get Better Without Me 8/4/2013
8. The Fight 8/13/2013
9. A Simple Girl 8/23/2013
10. What Happens 8/23/2013
11. You Are A Mystery 9/5/2013
12. My Thoughts 9/6/2013
13. I Lost You 9/9/2013
14. No I Love You This Time 9/17/2013
15. Little Italy 10/15/2013
16. Strike And Kill 10/15/2013
17. In The Eye Of The Beholder 12/31/2013
18. It Could Have Been 7/12/2013
19. Psuedo Smiles 6/17/2014
20. It's Difficult 7/16/2013
21. Empty Bottles 12/31/2013
22. Withdrawal 12/31/2013
23. Player 6/17/2014
24. Dear Problems, 5/14/2013
25. You'Ve Given Up 8/22/2013
26. A Promise 5/14/2013
27. Pure Love 6/18/2013
28. It Isn'T Like It Used To Be 5/11/2013
29. For My Mother 5/14/2013
Best Poem of Kay Tee

It Isn'T Like It Used To Be

It isn't like it used to be
There's no such thing as truth
They've all been abused too much
We face corruption of the youth
There's no such thing as peace
Within a persons mind
Because if you dig deeper 
Destructions what you'll find
Destruction  you've created
By digging up that hole
It doesn't even matter cause you've  captured a true soul 
Broken torn  and ruined
From burns of cigarettes
Getting high on rooftops
And life of no regrets
Giving it up easily 
You see and you want more
There's no such thing as innocence or trusting ...

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One could see the murky look in her eyes
shes distraught of life and sick of the lies
she wont tell me why, she dissembles her feelings
she lives day by day saying words with no meanings
she looks for a sign hoping to abscond
longing to find something beyond
stares right into the glaring light
red, four letters, and there goes the fight
the fight to escape her consternation

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