Lilliana Gomez

Lilliana Gomez Poems

1. what kind of animals 1/25/2014
2. Minutes 8/1/2013
3. Leave 9/1/2013
4. Take me instead. 9/1/2013
5. Hate 12/7/2013
6. Until the day I met you. 7/4/2013
7. Where 7/10/2013
8. Why Does He Scream? 7/12/2013

Until the day I met you.

I'm not the same person I used to be.
I used to be reckless, never thought before acting.
I just wanted to live, and be loved.
Until the day I met you, I don't need anything else.
I have what I always wanted.
We are full of adventure and surprises.
You've changed me to be the person that I am now.
I can't lose you. Not now. Not ever.
When your not with me I wonder what your doing or where you are.

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