Lilliana Gomez

Lilliana Gomez Poems

1. Until The Day I Met You. 7/4/2013
2. Where 7/10/2013
3. Leave 9/1/2013
4. Take Me Instead. 9/1/2013
5. Hate 12/7/2013
6. Why Does He Scream? 7/12/2013
7. Minutes 8/1/2013
8. What Kind Of Animals 1/25/2014
Best Poem of Lilliana Gomez

What Kind Of Animals

What kind of animals are we?
Hiding and preying on the innocent.
Those times where we just lay and wait for death.
What kind of beasts are we?
Up on that melancholy hill,
We are looking down on those defenseless.

What kind of animals are we?
When we don't help those who need it.
Laugh at those without anything.
Now you tell me what are we made of.
what are we made for?

What kind of animals are we without a heart.
When everything crashes, we just stand still and watch.
Are we the kind of animals that just kill and eat?
Or are we the ...

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