Linda Marie Van Tassell

Rookie - 20 Points (Lynchburg, Virginia)

Linda Marie Van Tassell Poems

1. Always Silent 3/22/2008
2. Dress Me Like Poetry 4/21/2008
3. A Drop Of Rain That Flows 3/10/2008
4. A Flower In The Rain 3/10/2008
5. A Daughter Deflowered 3/10/2008
6. A Little Angel 3/10/2008
7. Affection 3/16/2008
8. I Am But A Voice 4/24/2008
9. Gateway To My Love 4/22/2008
10. Source 5/3/2009
11. Trilogy Of Love 3/10/2008
12. The Ocean Is A Woman 3/10/2008
13. Sunrise At The Beach 3/23/2008
14. Embracing Sensual Ecstasy 4/21/2008
15. Always, My Love 10/8/2008
16. I Dream Of Being With You 4/24/2008
17. Only A Shirt 3/10/2008
18. In The Grave Of My Eyes 3/12/2008
19. Brush and Canvas 3/16/2008
20. Among The Faithless 3/16/2008

Wear You

I long to wear you like a softly-scented cologne,
to smell your essence around me when I'm all alone,
to inhale you with each breath from the moment I wake,
to taste you on the wind with every step I take.

I long to wear you like a satin or velvet glove,
to run your hands across my skin, yearning for your love,
feel you play my body like a harpist on his strings,
lightly touching my flesh with the brush of angel wings.

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