Mariam Taufeeq

Poems of Mariam Taufeeq

1. A Doctor's story- Into The Unknown 12/31/2012
2. A Glimpse Into Me. (The Story Of A Desperado.) 12/15/2012
3. A Set Of Verses 2/28/2013
4. A Thousand Miles Away 12/15/2012
5. Birdsong 11/16/2012
6. Black But Beautiful 12/31/2012
7. Childish Fancies- The Coming 8/18/2013
8. Curses 6/8/2013
9. From A Battlefield 8/19/2013
10. I can see past it all. 9/20/2013

A Thousand Miles Away

The crickets indulge in nocturnal melody
And the wind seems to be murmuring secrets;
And the world is still and at peace.
But somewhere, out there, far from here,
Lingering remnants of war, ashes and abhorrence
Play havoc with the hearts of the innocent.
Their homes are mere shells, and the night
Is cold, and forbidding, and dark.
The air reeks of betrayal and treachery

[Hata Bildir]