Mariam Taufeeq

Mariam Taufeeq Poems

1. A Glimpse Into Me. (The Story Of A Desperado.) 12/15/2012
2. A Doctor's story- Into The Unknown 12/31/2012
3. A Thousand Miles Away 12/15/2012
4. Birdsong 11/16/2012
5. Black But Beautiful 12/31/2012
6. A Set Of Verses 2/28/2013
7. Curses 6/8/2013
8. Childish Fancies- The Coming 8/18/2013
9. From A Battlefield 8/19/2013
10. I can see past it all. 9/20/2013


They called her an orphan, a vagrant,
A thief, a witch and a soul
With no purpose; just a vacant
Mind, roaming the woods
Walking along the same path
Chirping that same melody
Mingled with the crunching of the leaves
As she walked, and skipped, and strode
Through the woods, dodging the shafts

[Hata Bildir]