Maura Hunt

Rookie (7/19/1992)

Maura Hunt Poems

1. Overexaggerating The Truth 3/7/2008
2. Nightmare To Dawn On. 3/7/2008
3. Stole Your Life 3/7/2008
4. Sharpness 3/10/2008
5. You Want Sympathy? 3/11/2008
6. You'Re Alive In Me. 3/11/2008
7. The Dead 3/11/2008
8. Remember 3/11/2008
9. Tightly Bound. 3/11/2008
10. In Peices 3/11/2008
11. Secret In A Photogragh 3/16/2008
12. This Is What Happens When Love Goes Away 3/19/2008
13. One Last Thing To Say To You. 4/12/2008
14. Your Eyes And Your Heart And My Love 4/16/2008
15. You 4/16/2008
16. Farther Away From You 4/19/2008
17. Understand This Please 4/19/2008
18. Wordle 1/15/2010
19. This One Is Called Love. For The Times I Wont Ever Love You Again. 8/4/2011
20. Blood Stains 3/6/2008
21. Betrayed 3/6/2008
22. And You Fade 3/16/2008
23. What I Have Done To You 4/16/2008
24. Thank You 3/7/2008
25. The Pain In Her Eyes 3/4/2008
26. Silence In Death 3/16/2008
27. Words Can Hurt Much More Than You Know. 4/16/2008
Best Poem of Maura Hunt

Words Can Hurt Much More Than You Know.


Your words, they stung like an open wound.
The oxygen too much for it to bare.
Your words, they cut right through me like glass.
The peices to sharp to pull out.

Your heart, en empty room filled with hate.
My weakness it preys on.
Your heart, an empty room in the dead of winter.
Making me colder than I ever was.

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Thank You

Here is the only place i want to be,
Not there, with the rest of the world.
You are the only one i want to see
Not them, for they don't know me.

You are my strength and my weakness.
You keep me company when no one else does
You make me feel safe from the world
and here i am, thanking you for it.

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