Maura Hunt

Rookie (7/19/1992)

Maura Hunt Poems

1. And you fade 3/16/2008
2. You're alive in me. 3/11/2008
3. The Pain in Her Eyes 3/4/2008
4. Blood Stains 3/6/2008
5. One last thing to say to you. 4/12/2008
6. Words can hurt much more than you know. 4/16/2008
7. Silence in Death 3/16/2008
8. Secret in a Photogragh 3/16/2008
9. This is what happens when love goes away 3/19/2008
10. The dead 3/11/2008
11. Remember 3/11/2008
12. Tightly bound. 3/11/2008
13. In peices 3/11/2008
14. Betrayed 3/6/2008
15. Thank you 3/7/2008
16. Overexaggerating the Truth 3/7/2008
17. Nightmare to dawn on. 3/7/2008
18. Stole your life 3/7/2008
19. Sharpness 3/10/2008
20. You want sympathy? 3/11/2008

The Pain in Her Eyes

Look at the way she looks at you. Can’t you see the pain in her eyes?
Can’t you see the tears on her cheeks?
Now you ignore her, talk about her to her friends.
You’ve turned them away from her. Are you happy now?

She still looks at you with those sad eyes. But you can’t blame her.
You broke her and shoved the love she gave you back in her face.
You cut her up with the shards that were once her heart.
You left the little pieces deep in her. And she’s having a tough time finding them

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