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1. I Miss You 10/25/2009
2. I Am Here, I Am Waiting 10/25/2009
3. This Pen Won'T Work 10/26/2009
4. My Friends.........(So Why Wait? ? ?) 10/26/2009
5. In My Mind 10/26/2009
6. These 4 Seasons 10/26/2009
7. Dreams 10/26/2009
8. I Crash And I Fall 10/28/2009
9. This Is Me 10/28/2009
10. All Hallow's Eve 10/30/2009
11. My Eyes Cry 10/31/2009
12. Into A Mirror 10/31/2009
13. It's A Perfect Day 11/1/2009
14. What About Me? ? 11/1/2009
15. I Wanna Hear Words 11/10/2009
16. Like A Train 11/10/2009
17. To The Beat Of Pirate Drums 6/21/2010
18. Pages Of My Book 6/21/2010
19. My Little Day Dream 6/21/2010
20. The Bells 6/21/2010
21. The World Passes Me By 6/21/2010
22. Bounce Back 6/21/2010
23. The Boys (Supernatural) 6/21/2010
24. Time 6/24/2010
25. Don'T Say The Word Can'T Or You Will Get It Back! ! 6/24/2010
26. Metamorphosis 7/6/2010
27. The Sound Of Goodbye 7/6/2010
28. A Wish Upon A Star 7/6/2010
29. Sister's 3 7/6/2010
30. Back In The Day 6/21/2010
31. Always And Forever In Our Hearts 6/21/2010
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Always And Forever In Our Hearts

Always and forever in our hearts,
Never alone,
Never apart,
Never scared,
Never trapped,
Never lost,
Never forgotten.
I love you dad.

Always there when I was down and out,
Always my rock,
Always there,
Always in my dreams,
Always in my life no matter where you are,
Always made me feel loved.
I have loved and lost but you will always be forever dad,
I miss you dad.

Forever in my mind,
Forever in my heart,
Forever in my soul,
Forever in my fantasy,
Forever in my dreams,
Forever in the clouds and sky, ...

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I Am Here, I Am Waiting

I am here, I am waiting,
For something to happen
While I am standing waiting for you,
I wonder why
Makes me believe the things that you do are not be true.

But I know they are real to me inside
Time is ticking away,
Afraid that you might not stay.

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