Nikhil Parekh

Freshman - 508 Points (27/08/1977 / Dehradun, India)

A Complete 100 Floors - Poem by Nikhil Parekh

Scores of squeals inundated the atmosphere; clusters
of people hugged each other close in utter
A billion beads of sweat trickled down petrified
cheeks; as children took deep breaths in terrified
A heap of vegetables and fresh fruit lay completely
squashed; housewives wailed in discordant unison about
the scornful creases to their immaculate clothes,
Torn bits of heavily scented paper stuck to the
ceiling; fluttering about incessantly with the gallant
wind that infiltrated in through the doors,
Infinite bundles of hair stood up in untamed
indignation; repugnantly refusing to sit down even
after blissful calm had descended,
Boundless plumes of black smoke arose in the vicinity;
with the disastrously dry coughing of the aged
becoming all the more apparent as the agonizing
minutes crept by,
The tiny floor seemed to be in a complete disarray;
with a pool of tears blended with faint blood
portraying a profoundly ghastly appearance,
The tales of remorse and dismay seemed to be gaining
impetus; as the people inside felt escalated to the
zenith of feverish excitement,
The lights flickered and faltered badly; with
perennial darkness seeming to be a better option when
compared to the continuously batting beams of flimsy
bulb rays,
A battalion of unruly mosquitoes relished the splendid
opportunity; perched and sucking blood with gay
abandon from innocuously rubicund skin,
The hair on everyone's scalp seemed to protrude in
spiffy animosity; as if freshly coming out from the
heart of a swashbuckling war film,
All sense of judiciousness and prudent discerning; had
now been replaced by unconquerable waves of morbid
All food in the stomach had died a gruesome death; the
most inconspicuous of desire to consume liquid
incorrigibly refrained to arise again,
An innumerable fleet of pedestrians had gathered at
the dismal scenario; expressing their sanctimonious
sympathy; trying to mollify frazzled nerves with their
armory of spurious smiles,
The entire network of bones in the body felt as if
terribly jolted; the intricate cartilage inside felt
as if it needed rebirth,
The string of useless thoughts which once bothered and
circumvented the mind all night and day; now seemed to
be single focussed on feasible ways of escape,
The color of skin had metamorphosed to ashen white;
the robust river of red blood had stopped flowing
hours ago,
The hearts of those incarcerated inside; palpitated
more violently than when they had just taken birth,
And you'd be astoundingly surprised at knowing the
cause of this holocaust; the disaster which had
rendered groups of impeccable humans grappling for
their lives in the middle of brilliant daylight; had
fomented more perspiration on the body than their was
scarlet blood and bone,
As a matter of fact it was just a slim wire of soiled
rubber which had snapped; engendering the
magnificently colossal lift to plummet like streaks of
white lightening towards the ground,
Bounce with a thunderously deafening thud on its
cushioned mountain of soft and spongy springs; after
traversing down a complete 100 floors of the tall

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