Nikhil Parekh

Freshman - 508 Points (27/08/1977 / Dehradun, India)

Balance - Poem by Nikhil Parekh

The eagle soaring handsomely in the air; balanced
itself adroitly on its pair of long wings,
The car traversing like a bullet on the satiny carpet
of land; balanced itself beautifully on its armory of
splendidly inflated tyres,
The colossal building standing on obdurate soil;
balanced itself with nonchalant ease on its
tremendously fortified foundations,
The cockroach transgressing mournfully towards the
sordid lavatory seat; balanced itself with precision
degrees of control on its fleet of multiple legs,
The gigantic tree looming large in the bountiful
fields; balanced itself amazingly on its jugglery of
slender branches; its entwined ensemble of juicy
The boundless pages of the medieval history book;
balanced themselves dexterously on the flimsily
serrated thread in the absolute center,
The voluptuously rosy tongue; balanced itself
marvelously between the two intricate chambers of
The impeccably flawless shirt; balanced itself
gorgeously on its entire festoon of rotund buttons;
its dual pair of languidly suspended sleeves,
The ingeniously crafted tiny brain; balanced itself
tranquilly between two synchronized hemispheres,
The sizzling cup of heavenly flavored tea; balanced
itself divinely between the edges and the compact
bottom of the kingly ivory cup,
The celestial waterfall culminating into an
superlatively alluring spray after smashing against
the rocks; balanced itself animatedly between the
gargantuan cliffs of the indefatigably towering
The corrugated carpet of road; balanced itself
meticulously between a dispersed fraternity of
vehicles; ranging from as varied as flamboyantly
whirring cars to the impoverished and diminutively
squeaky bicycle,
The wooden body of big boat; balanced itself
delectably between its pair of gawky oars and the
tumultuous fury of the rustic sea,
The perennial coat of absolute darkness; balanced
itself magnificently between the brilliantly
illuminated day and the shimmering wall of resplendent
The stubbornly protruding nose; balanced itself in
splendid unison between both the island's of rubicund
cheek and the merrily dangling earlobes,
The sacrosanct demeanor o the glistening bell;
skillfully balanced itself between the holy interiors
of the temple and the air circulating placidly
The countless lines sprawled on the sweaty persona of
palm; stupendously balanced themselves between the
long knotted fingers and the sturdily sculptured
The dog inundated with fathomless fur on its skin;
balanced its intransigently curved tail between its
abraded claws and angled legs,
Every human trespassing on the trajectory of this
planet; balanced himself magnificently on his two feet
and strong arms,
And every life spawned in this Universe by the
Creator; sagaciously balanced itself between its share
of enchantingly good and diabolically bad. 

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