Nikhil Parekh

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Born Only To - Poem by Nikhil Parekh

Both of us were born only to play with each other,
uninhibitedly philander in the aisles of timeless
beauty and insatiable desire; behind the honey soaked
meadows of the eternal hills,
Both of us were born only to discover each other;
unrelentingly bond ourselves in the mists of untamed
sensuousness; as tumblers of torrentially golden rain
pelted mystically from the fathomless sky,
Both of us were born only to caress each other;
intransigently envelop our nimbly shivering bodies
with the winds of perennially augmenting passion;
seductively arouse the most morbidly deadened pores of
my crimson skin,
Both of us were born only to admire each other; stoop
down in due adulation of God's most ravishingly
blessed creation; perpetually surging ahead in life
under the carpet of golden sunshine,
Both of us were born only to share with each other;
amicably exploring all the versatility hidden in our
benign souls; ubiquitously disseminating the same to
even the most obliviously remote corner of this
gigantic Universe,
Both of us were born only to wink at each other;
mischievously reminisce the most gloriously cherished
memories of our blissful childhood; timelessly
gallivant through the aisles of innocently unlimited
Both of us were born only to surge forward with each
other; triumphantly conquer every obstacle that came
our way; to escalate to the summits of
philanthropically benevolent success,
Both of us were born only to feed each other;
synergistically replenishing our diminutive
conscience's; with the fruits of irrefutable truth and
heavenly timelessness,
Both of us were born only to support each other;
impregnably unite in the waves of unassailable
solidarity; to scrap even the tiniest trace of
invidiously evil from the trajectory of this
fathomless earth,
Both of us were born only to inspire each other; spawn
a civilization of celestial goodness on every step
that we tread; diffuse our unsurpassable repertoire of
humanity; to all those disparagingly depraved of
jubilant happiness,
Both of us were born only to glorify each other; weave
an entrenchment of exotically voluptuous beauty; on
even the most infinitesimally disappearing speck of
solitude; that confronted us in our ebullient way,
Both of us were born only to defend each other; stand
as an invincibly towering fortress in the face of even
the most devastatingly crippling disaster; to
sequester all innocent humanity from the hands of the
vicious devil,
Both of us were born only to listen to each other;
bask full throttle in the glory of melodiously
enchanting sound; innocuously assimilate even the most
minutest cadence of euphoria; from the ingratiatingly
Omnipotent atmosphere,
Both of us were born only to embrace each other;
interlock our bodies in the sacrosanct swirl of
unending passion; to spawn a freshly optimistic
tomorrow; with our very own scarlet blood,
Both of us were born only to stare at each other;
marvelously decipher the infinite labyrinths of
seductive enthrallment; that sprouted bloomingly from
the inner most arenas of our heart and soul,
Both of us were born only to kiss each other;
perennially intermingle our lips in the handsome fire
of an everlasting relationship; profuse devour the
sweetness of beautifully resplendent creation,
Both of us were born only to fantasize of each other;
unfathomably perceiving the most exotically enamoring
ingredients of blessed creation; transpiring the world
to coalesce forever; into the religion of priceless
Both of us were born only to breathe with each other;
majestically exhaling and inhaling ecstatic air
together; to humbly proliferate a sea of humanitarian
empathy; on every quarter of the globe besieged with
tyrannically uncouth commercialism,
And both of us were born only to love each other;
immortally bond the beats of our tirelessly beating
hearts in the winds of unshakable passion and enigma;
till the last moment we lived; and infinite more
births yet to come. 

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