Nikhil Parekh

Freshman - 508 Points (27/08/1977 / Dehradun, India)

Flames Of Miraculous Love - Poem by Nikhil Parekh

Her unsurpassable voice; was as tangy as the
melodiously swaying oranges; drifting every element of
my devastatingly sagging countenance; towards a world
of fantastically spell binding enchantment,
Her timeless shadow; was as ravishing as a
voluptuously seductive cistern of mesmerizing fern;
inundating each cranny of my slitheringly monotonous
soul; with unparalleled exuberance to gustily surge
forward in vivacious life,
Her intricate eyelashes; were as silken as the
enigmatically swirling clouds in resplendent cosmos;
fanatically propelling me to chase the entrenchment of
beauty and inexorable charisma; for times immemorial,
Her fiery nostrils; were as piquant as boundless farms
of ingratiatingly poignant chili; insatiably
triggering me to intrepidly leap into the valley of
ebullient adventure; be the untamed warrior of
philanthropic patriotism; whenever the dungeon of
diabolical lechery took its debilitating toll,
Her marvelous eyes; were as impeccable as waterfalls
of innocuously cascading cotton from the heart of the
fathomless skies; nostalgically instilling in me the
unprecedented euphoria; to be that untainted infant
once again,
Her incomprehensible odor; was as redolent as the
tantalizingly crimson rose; profusely titillating me
into a paradise of blissfully blossoming and
perpetually gratifying prosperity,
Her nimble toes; were as vibrant as the astoundingly
iridescent rainbows; filtering beams of optimistic
hope; in my existence plagued with horrifically
despairing and inexplicably hopeless gloom,
Her pristine lips; were as incredulously rubicund as
the blooming apples; splashing every arena of my
impoverished existence; with an unfathomable
kaleidoscope of color and fabulously eternal charm,
Her magnificent fingers; were as scintillating as the
flamboyantly ferocious fingers; incinerating fireballs
of everlasting passion; even in the heart of my every
insidiously deadened night,
Her golden perspiration; was as enchanting as
gloriously celestial honey; enshrouding each pore of
my overwhelmingly bedraggled demeanor; with the
lantern of jubilantly melodious happiness,
Her bedazzling stride; was as heavenly as the
boisterously rhyming sparrows; engendering me to
forever march ahead in my times of immeasurable
ecstasy; and dolorous doom; alike,
Her intriguing memory; was as fantastically charming
as the milky moon; inexorably transpiring me to
irrefutably remember; the most benevolently divine
contributions; of my revered ancestors,
Her delectable belly; was as mystically rejoicing as
the poignantly undulating oceans; igniting
thunderbolts of flirtatious lightening in every
ingredient of my bones besieged with; morbidly
despicable sadness,
Her magical hair; were as ravishingly delightful as
satiny angels frolicking in walls of invincible
heaven; perpetuating me to perennially philander in
the most grandiloquent palaces; fortified with the
religions of ubiquitous humanity and tenacious
Her twinkling palms; were as magnanimous as the
blessedly torrential showers of majestic rain;
irrefutably teaching me the art of disseminating the
art of ever-pervading mankind; to even the most
infinitesimally remote parts of this astoundingly
fragrant Universe,
Her wonderful cheeks; were as joyous as the virgin
shores of shimmering righteousness; indefatigably
telling me to solely follow; nothing else but only the
inner most fulminations of my passionate heart,
Her Godly neck; was as priceless as those droplets of
water amidst the acerbically sweltering desert sands;
unequivocally encouraging me to wholesomely become;
the sounds of those tyrannically deprived,
Her tumultuous breath; was as compassionate as the
royally roaring lions of steaming romance; embracing
every iota of my disastrously trembling visage; with
the tornados of an unassailably vivid existence,
And her passionate heart; was as immortal as the
countless pathways of Omnisciently bequeathing
heavens; not only reinvigorating every space of my
persona with the unconquerable fortitude to lead life;
but bonding me forever and ever and ever; in the
flames of miraculous love. 

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