Nikhil Parekh

Freshman - 508 Points (27/08/1977 / Dehradun, India)

If You Listened To My Heart - Poem by Nikhil Parekh

If you sighted my shadow; which had nonchalantly
formed under sweltering rays of sunlight,
Then you'd come to know how tumultuously it wavered;
the insatiable longing in its contours to trespass
past your stupendous grace.
If you glimpsed my lips; which glistened incredulously
into vivacious shades of lotus pink,
Then you'd come to know how solitary they were; the
unprecedented urge in them to kiss your divinely name.
If you heard my voice; which rose and fell with an
uncanny mysticism in the perpetually still air,
Then you'd come to know how hopeless it was; how much
it wanted you by its side; searching for you
frantically in the fathomless wilderness.
If you felt my tears; which trickled down all day and
night through my cheeks,
Then you'd come to know how lifeless they were; the
overwhelming desire in them to occupy an immortal
position beside your tinkling feet.
If you caressed my skin; which resembled a frigidly
lackluster ashen white,
Then you'd come to know how freezing it was; how much
it longed for your company; to trigger it vehemently
into astronomical loads of compassionate warmth.
If you stood beside my breath; which morbidly cascaded
down my nostrils;
Then you'd come to know how lackadaisical it was; the
thunderously volatile intensity lingering in it; to
drift down your fabulous nape.
If you ran your fingers through my scalp; which
pathetically slept even under a wave of unimaginably
blistering heat that encompassed it from all sides,
Then you'd come to know how much it wanted to be
majestically massaged; the unsurpassable agony in it
to be kissed by your heavenly form.
If you peered deep down into my eyes; which had lost
their ability to see; even though they were blissfully
Then you'd come to know how much they were clouded
with inexplicable sadness; how inexorably they missed
you and craved for you to whisper and dream by their
And if you listened to my heart; which uncontrollably
palpitated without the tiniest of respite; whether I
walked or lazily slept on the star studded night,
Then you'd come to know how much it remembered you
every unleashing second; the invincible tenacity
pounding upon it to imprison you forever; in each of
its everlasting beats. 

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