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Rise, Lovers - Poem by Mewlana Jalaluddin Rumi

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Rise, lovers, that we may go towards heaven; we have seen this world, so let us go to that world.
No, no, for thought these two gardens are beautiful and fair, let us pass beyond these two, and go to that Gardener.
Let us go prostrating to the sea like a torrent, then let us go foaming upon the face of the sea.
Let us journey from this street of mourning to the wedding feast, let us go from this saffron face to the face of the Judas tree blossom.
Trembling like a leaf and twig from fear of falling, our hearts are throbbing; let us go to the Abode of Security.
There is no escape from pain, since we are in exile, and there is no escape from dust, seeing that we are going to a dustbowl.
Like parrots green of wing and with fine pinions, let us become sugar-gatherers and go to the sugar-bed.
These forms are signs of the signless fashioner; hidden from the evil eye, come, let us go to the signless.
It is a road full of tribulation, but love is the guide, giving us instruction how we should go thereon;
Though the shadow of the king’s grace surely protects, yet it is better that on that road we go with the caravan.
We are like rain falling on a leaky roof; let us spring from the leak and go by that waterspout.
We are crooked as a bow, for the string is in our own throats; when we become straight, then we will go like an arrow from the bow.
We cower like mice in the house because of the cats; if we are lion’s whelps, let us go to that Lion.
Let us make our soul a mirror in passion for a Joseph; let us go before Joseph’s beauty with a present.
Let us be silent, that the giver of speech may say this; even as he shall say, so let us go.

F 1713
“Street of Mourning”: The world, which has been called by many similar names, such as “the infidel’s paradise,” and symbolized by the false dawn, a carcass, a bath-stove and a tomb. (Cf. “World” in Nicholson’s index to Math .).

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