Rayhan Islam Shuvro

(28th December,1992 / Jessore, Bangladesh)

Poems of Rayhan Islam Shuvro

1. A text never sent 4/27/2013
2. Be the hero 4/27/2013
3. Isolation 4/28/2013
4. It's a tree speaking 4/27/2013
5. Make me free from the suited man. 4/27/2013
6. Meaning of you 4/27/2013
7. Soldier's Wife 4/27/2013
8. You are free my bird 4/27/2013

It's a tree speaking

The spirit in me begs for a world where nature is still a virgin.
Where death of a bird by a bullet is a sin.
Where you can sleep beneath the sky and where you will really feel the world is really green.
Green is beautiful and living in green is wonderful.

Love is nothing but an embrace of nature,
Watching snow white mountains, the dawn.
River meets the ocean and the ocean meets the sky

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