Suzanna Chevalier

Rookie [Christina] (4-18-1966 / Elizabeth, New Jersey)

Suzanna Chevalier Poems

1. Sheriffs As Sponsors? 4/10/2013
2. Planetary Dream Or Dread? 4/10/2013
3. My Last Words To Kayla 4/10/2013
4. Mrs. Tucker Is A Caring Mother 4/10/2013
5. Leann Called Me Suzy Q 4/10/2013
6. Johny Cash For Prison Reform 4/10/2013
7. I Took The Fall 4/10/2013
8. Inspiration To Create A New 4/10/2013
9. 'I Love You' 4/10/2013
10. How You Deal 4/10/2013
11. How Does It Feel? 4/10/2013
12. Heal Inmates Inner Childs 4/10/2013
13. Go Within When You Can’t Get Out 4/10/2013
14. 'Cops Not Needed' 4/10/2013
15. 'Committing Suicide On The Inside' 4/10/2013
16. 'Change Our Perception' 4/10/2013
17. 'Can There Be A Better Way? ' 4/10/2013
18. 'Are Zoo’s Treating Their Inmates Better? ' 4/10/2013
19. 'Angels On My Left & On My Right' 4/10/2013
20. A Highly Evolved Being Would Not Shoot Back 4/10/2013
21. Thank Johny Cash 4/10/2013
22. Build Trust Slowly 4/10/2013
23. Ball Of Light 4/10/2013
24. Child Abuse Is A Crime 4/10/2013
25. Children Are Innocent 4/10/2013
26. Clear Karmic Debt 4/10/2013
27. Addicted To Pain 4/10/2013
28. Amazing 4/10/2013
29. Cocktails With Tashi 4/10/2013
30. Color Bubble 4/10/2013
31. Create A New Story 4/10/2013
32. Creating Reality 4/10/2013
33. Mr. Big Toe Meets Razel's One Thumb 4/7/2013
34. A Doll Named Melodie 4/7/2013
35. Melodie The Magical Doll From Krendoll 4/8/2013
36. I Miss My Melodie 4/8/2013
37. Who Is To Change The System? 4/10/2013
38. When Is It Going To End? 4/10/2013
39. Where We Fail In The System 4/10/2013
40. 'We Don'T Smile In Here' 4/10/2013
Best Poem of Suzanna Chevalier

Dad Is The Best Truck Driver

Dad's full name Charles but you can call him Chuck
he was happiest when he was driving his Truck.
Peterbilt he says is the best-he won a 'Safe Driver Award' for he was above the rest.
'Best Driver Of The Year' he was named, he had his award framed.
I will always remember the smell of gas
I love the smell, it would remind me of time gone past.
A memory in time of my childhood days
I sat in Dad's Peterbilt at Dad's Dahlen's truck place
Dad started the engine and honked the horn it was very loud I did learn to scrorn.
Respect 'Truck Drivers' for they bring food and gas...

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We Are One Big Family

No matter if you are in jail, prison or on the outside
We are all one big family, you can’t deny-
from the same God no matter what the crime
We are all one consciousness in space and time.
We all affect each other with our thoughts everyday
you can not not affect another no matter what you say.
Light beings just see us as a “sea of light”
there is no separation even if you do not have the sight.
Have the sight of a light being that is What You Are

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