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Tony Cox Poems

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21. Oldest Promise 1/25/2008
22. March Of Love 1/25/2008
23. Death 1/25/2008
24. God Is Foever 8/4/2008
25. All Day If It Doesn'T Rain 8/4/2008
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All Day If It Doesn'T Rain

On a recent trip in my personal time machine.

I observed myself asking my dad yet another annoying question.

His answer was always as predictable as the question I was asking.

“ All day if it doesn’t rain”.

I laugh now as I witness the dumb look on my face.

Realizing it was time for me to exit the past and return to the present day.

The residual of my dad’s answer was ringing in my head like a church bell on Sunday morning.

“All day if it doesn’t rain”

Rains bring joy and happiness to some and despair to others; yet, the question remains ...

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Oldest Promise

All thru life people run from who and what they are.

Always in search of what they could be or would be.

I am but a poor country boy that is searching for the answer to a dream.

I believe in the end time.

People will be running to and fro hoping for the opportunity to see their God.

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