Treasure Island

Warren Falcon

(04/23/52 - xxxx / Spartanburg, South Carolina, USA)

Poems of Warren Falcon

1. 3 AM Kingfisher Sonata 6/23/2011
2. A Grief Earned - An Ode Beginning & Ending With Lines From Shelley 6/24/2012
3. A Gypsy Cab Author Caught In A Texas Milky Way, A Letter Poem To M. Meursault 3/19/2011
4. A Poem In Fragments Beginning With A Line From Berryman 5/24/2012
5. A Shabbos Poem Beginning With A Line From Zukofsky - Upon Finding A Book Of His Poems On A Street Corner Manhattan Lower East 2/10/2012
6. A True Hosanna - After Reading A Poem by Parneshia Jones -new- 8/22/2014
7. Abandoned Train Station Near Grandmother's Grave 9/15/2010
8. After Folly - An Aging Poet Addresses One Who Wanders In Mountains Remote 5/6/2011
9. Alchemical Passes For Father and Son - Turning Thighs to Diamonds - Third Pass 1/14/2011
10. Amir, Prince Of Treetops, Now Sleeps In His Bright Yellow Room 2/14/2012
11. 'And The Daylight Separated The Mad Boy From His Shadow' - Cancion for Garcia Lorca 11/15/2011
12. Annunciation - for Cesar Vallejo 3/23/2011
13. Anunciación - para César Vallejo 12/12/2011
14. Archeology - What The Stele Says 'Upon Taking A Much Younger Lover' 3/23/2011
15. Are You Hungry? A Poem For Departure 9/25/2012
16. Ars Poetica Redux 12/16/2009
17. As Dew On Grass Sleeves No Longer Stiffening In The Wind - Moments From The Orange World - After Reading Kenneth Patchen 12/17/2010
18. Autumn Haiku 12/17/2009
19. Autumnal Math 2/5/2010
20. Avoid The Narrows 7/29/2013


[from early poems,1970's, youthful attempts at voice]

Fogs of summer
Through the green
Stalks Will shake
Take sweetness
From the corn and
With their tassels
Make an infant's

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