Sex Without Love

A pleasure we do out of love for the other person
We our sharing the sexual experiment with
When the innocent become the intimate

It’s when that passion of love turns into a hobby
Then into an obsession and then that turns into a have to have
You can’t stop thinking about your next fix
You look for it everywhere in everyone
You start having withdraws from it
You wonder how you got this way

*** Desire ***

Desire intends to merge
With addiction
Crossfire, in between the feat
Body wasting…
Mind jumps into brazen pool
Honey melts, drips in crushes
Soul catching soul
Diaphragm of craving enlarges
Waves of blood, rush incessantly
Desire floods the veins

>≫≫I Know What Love Is!

I know what seeing is!
As I saw you that day for the first time
So I know what liking is!

I know what striking is!
As I stroke stone against stone
So I know what the spark is!

I know what rubbing is!
As I rubbed heart against heart

The Abyss Of Drug Addiction

In an errant venture in curiosity -
lured from savvy of cooler judgment,  
he oversteps the bounds of reality 
into a state of altered awareness.

Overwhelmed by a rapid onset of 
a buzzing sensation - The Rush;  
emanating from deep inside him,  
surging along the veins streaming 

**** The Episode ***

Scourge of meteors
Blazing of fireworks
Rebirth of the beaming flames
Colorful as outliner rays of cosmic
Sparking off the craters
of abandoned souls
laying down beneath
the abyss of creepy mind
tranquillized by scattered dreams
Acapulco of injured beach

A Common Addiction Among Poets

Intoxicated by the inspiration
Of his trade—
With mental powers at work,
A true poet rarely sleeps.
His mind ever churning
With powerful imagery
That produces thought,
Sound, rhythm and gesture.
He molds with metaphor,
Shapes with simile,

A Real Addiction

Out of love
I can take tricks and schemes
But from the beautiful faces
I won't take lies..

When she says ‘' I want to die ‘'
in this world this isa great lie

in heart every one likes to live
no matter in what conditions,

' A Smokers Pledge'

I promise to quit smoking soon
I'm down to a pack and a half.
And when I do, I pledge to me and you
I will never, I'm never ever going back!

I know that it is an addiction
and very expensive
and it really stinks!

But the feel I get

Si May Go

Si (she) may go; Si (she) may go,
Left with no option but to forgo
She had expressed desire earlier,
I termed her as complete liar,

She came with old proposal,
Things were ready for her disposal,
She may be engaged and start packing,
Marriage is best way and has parent’s backing,

Addiction (Yet To Be Rebroken)

What`s more powerful than a child`s disappointment?
It shatters the heart that you have failed them
And that everything they were ever proud of you for
Has died and left them feeling lost
If you can't do something
What's the chances of them breaking an obsession?
Could they do it?
Or would they follow your footsteps and fail as well?
By a child, I meant me
I was so proud of you

A Beach, Lake, And Owl

Sun soaked revelations
on a patio deck.

I had long forgotten
the simple joys
Of returning to origin.

In its bosom,
the well worn comfort
Of familiarity,

(670) A Prayer For David Harris

Father God, I come to you again this morning to ask for your
help. Lord one of poem hunters precious writers David Harris
is in a hospital bed after having several small strokes. I thank
you Father for not allowing the big one to touch him.

Father I ask that you cover David with the blood of Jesus, to
protect him and keep him out of harms way. I ask that you
give him the strength he needs in order to quit smoking, for
this is a difficult addiction to beat. I know with your help
Father anything is possible.


Mobile phone has
enslaved us almost
all times of the day.
Our one hand remains curled
even before the first sun ray.
We look into it
every now and then.
Whether moving alone
or in the midst of men.
Most of our daily chores

A Blood Relation

They argue it as syndrome of blood relation
Is it matter of convenience or though elevation?
It is not difficult to understand in simple context
We let it pass of ignorantly as mere pretext

There is definite push and pull mechanism
It is equally good to have bond in humanism
It least somewhere we show some kind of attachment
There is long list of hierachy and goes on as movement

A Mother's Love Never Dies

When we watched the maple seedlings fall and spiral down to the ground
We laughed and I told you they were helicopters
Your hair in a pony tail because for you, pig tails would not be found
You ask what a crayfish was and I told you baby lobsters
The first time your tears fell for some boy
Or the phone ringing constantly (even late at night)
Being in at a certain time was no big joy
The shopping trips we took weekly

The sweet days of you being my baby girl

Television Addiction

Tom said, ” My! Dearest Friend Hick,
Why do you appear so weak and sick?
Do you have any major stress? ,
You seem to be in a great distress.'

'Has your father excluded you from his will? ,
Or has your wife again incurred a hefty bill?
'Has your son topped from bottom in his class?
Or has your boss again called you an 'ass' '

*addiction Of Love

Ah the addiction of love
Like chocolate in despair
A fairy tale to the young
Like a cup of coffee made
Mocha or cappuccino in rain
Like drops of dew dripping
Down the leaves and the stems
Like a puff of Havana cigar
Fresh from yellow farm
Like your little things

(240) Thank You Father -Prayer For A Healing

Father, first of all know how much I love you and appreciate you
in my life. Father you never leave me, always there to see me
through. This week Father you were ever present in not only my
life but that of my daughter and I thank you for what you did for
her this week. She now understands what I’ve been telling her
for quite sometime. There you were Father showing her what she
needed to see, giving her the inspiration she needed and filling
her with positive energy enabling her to go after her dream with

All The Drugs In This World

All The Drugs In This World
Won't bring back my past
I try every drug I can find
Hoping one high will last
The one thing they can't do
Is the one thing that I want
Though I know I'm insecure
Its security that I flaunt
Acting as if I'm invincable
The drugs make me fly

$$$$money Money Money$$$$

Money Money Money
You're just a a thing in itself
But why is it your controlling me
Bit by bit you consume my sanity...
You're not a king but it seems like
You're everywhere...

Money Money Money
You turn myself full of greed......
I know that your a need