A Mother's Love Never Dies Poem by Patricia Gale

A Mother's Love Never Dies

Rating: 4.9

When we watched the maple seedlings fall and spiral down to the ground
We laughed and I told you they were helicopters
Your hair in a pony tail because for you, pig tails would not be found
You ask what a crayfish was and I told you baby lobsters
The first time your tears fell for some boy
Or the phone ringing constantly (even late at night)
Being in at a certain time was no big joy
The shopping trips we took weekly

The sweet days of you being my baby girl
They are long gone it seems
For your life now seems to be a tilt a whirl
You are spinning faster than milk turning into cream
On a hundred and ten degree day in July
How many nights I have prayed and cried wishing it was just a bad dream
please God protect her don’t let her die
Baby girl I know more than you think
One more smoke one more toke no one will know
Addiction vs you wanting help and stopping the race with death’s
roller rink
I pray your eyes will open and some day…. Some how
Before it’s too late and to the bottom you sink

Hear the tears that fall every night for your protection
See the heart that breaks for you daily
See the fist marks left on my pillow as I pray... I can’t take it any more please give me direction!
I have tried and tried seven days weekly
Begging and pleading
While my heart is slowly bleeding
Hiding it from family is no more
And friends I wished never find out
This thing you call your life only leads to death’s door
Or a white linen bed from his final shout

The mind and body of the one who gave you life decays with each day
Letting go…. Too many decisions
No manual, no instructions only pray
Every night though sleep never comes. Before the horrid visions
I ask the Maker of all to let no harm come to you … to guide you
And remind you….
A mother’s love never dies

Bob Blackwell 12 August 2007

Patricia this one is really from the heart, it must of poured out like all great poems do. A ten from me. Well written my friend. this one I'll keep. Bob

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Geoff Warden 12 August 2007

Very heartfelt piece......and very sobbering truth...a mothers love can never die....

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Andrew mark Wilkinson 12 August 2007

A mothers love is the one constant in our lives...

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Marvin Brato 14 August 2007

'mother's love never dies'.... yes very true for mother's love is immortal! . You made me love my mother more Patricia! Thanks for sharing, loved it. Highest marks for it. regards.

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Nimal Dunuhinga 17 August 2007

This touches like a feather to my heart And it's nothing but truth, Patricia.

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Rajaram Ramachandran 08 September 2009

I want to repeat what you say 'A mother's love never dies.' It is perfectly true.

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Christian Eliab Ratnam 14 July 2009

I'm a guy, but the poem touched me to the very core of my heart.... BEAUTIFULLY written... wonderfully crafted... simple... sincere... astounding... Thank you Patrica...

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Colin Jeffery 21 July 2008

What a joy to read. a great poem.

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James Foulk 05 June 2008

your right Patricia very well written piece of poetry. a mother's love never dies.

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Harry Couchon Jr 20 April 2008

Patricia a heart-wrenching piece on the agony of losing a child an agony that I know all too well as a father.s love also never dies

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