*addiction Of Love Poem by Sadiqullah Khan

*addiction Of Love

Rating: 3.0

Ah the addiction of love
Like chocolate in despair
A fairy tale to the young
Like a cup of coffee made
Mocha or cappuccino in rain
Like drops of dew dripping
Down the leaves and the stems
Like a puff of Havana cigar
Fresh from yellow farm
Like your little things
Hidden behind purse strings
Like you reading my palm
For your fate and fortune
Like the smell of gunpowder
After the bullet it has fired
Like the tear you shed
In separation of the love
Like my rival when we share
Common love gazing horizons
Like my helplessness
My sighs breathing fire

Reshma Ramesh 10 February 2009

ahh! ! the addiction of love like ice cream in the rain hands around teddy bears pebbles in the stream bubbles in champagne like the red of the watermelon like wine with love potions blue eyes of a doll like the white of a lace like the warmth in friends salt in the porridge and cream on the cakes like peaks of mountains blue of the oceans petals in the flowers muah muahs of the love birds cry of the dolphins like your little smiles that you hide in your eyes like the strong grips in which you grab me and then kiss my wrists like the diamonds in the tiara like the sweetness in sugar ah! the addiction of love! !

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Reshma Ramesh 10 February 2009

lolz...............sorry could not help it................great write

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Chinedu Dike 12 August 2018

Well thought out and nicely brought forth with insight. A beautiful creation. Thanks for sharing Sadiqullah

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Muhammad Ali 14 February 2009

dancing words of sweet love emotions. best

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sumaira .....ir 10 February 2009

eagerness wit addiction bth r here... a super intelligent mind can only write ths slow n slow all butterflies r coming 2 your garden A+++++++++ n +10 4 YOUR SUPER POETIC SENSE

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Catrina Heart 10 February 2009

fabulous similes printed here my friend...great imagery in a simple choice of words that your readers could easily understand...Clarity wise in this opus...10+++

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Anjali Sinha 10 February 2009

Ah the addiction of love Like when I see hes online My heart skips a beat Like his inward smile Which I alone can see Like his devotion to that Small child in the operation theatre Like the knowledge he exudes Guiding me at each step Like mountains kissing clouds Like earthy smell when first rain drops kiss the ground Like effervesence when champagne hugs the glass like sundrenched daffodils like mother fondling babe like--- wow sadiq beautiful++10 anju

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