(670) A Prayer For David Harris Poem by Melvina Germain

(670) A Prayer For David Harris

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Father God, I come to you again this morning to ask for your
help. Lord one of poem hunters precious writers David Harris
is in a hospital bed after having several small strokes. I thank
you Father for not allowing the big one to touch him.

Father I ask that you cover David with the blood of Jesus, to
protect him and keep him out of harms way. I ask that you
give him the strength he needs in order to quit smoking, for
this is a difficult addiction to beat. I know with your help
Father anything is possible.

Father if David is dealing with a great deal of stress in his
life, I ask that you teach him how to deal with it in a non
harmful way.

Father God I pray for a healing for David, a complete recovery
Lord. Help him to walk away from the hospital feeling well,
with the desire to give up his addiction and the want to live and
enjoy his life.

Father, David is a loving husband, father and Grandfather. He
Just recently welcomed a new addition into his family, the birth
of his lovely grand-daughter. Give him the time he needs to get
to know her and enjoy her. Give David the strength he needs in
order to play with her and protect her.

Father, David is a wonderful writer and still has much to put down
on paper. I look forward to reading many more poems from
David, Lord give him the ability to continue in his writing. Lord
you know I’ll never question you, I’ll just ask for your blessings.

I ask this prayer Lord in the name of your precious son “Jesus”
Sweet, sweet Jesus. Amen

Meggie Gultiano 07 October 2007

Melvina, i join you in praying for Davi'd's recovery..May the blood of Jesus cover him and protect him. Amen..

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Tai Chi Italy 07 October 2007

I am very sorry to hear through your poem that David is not well, a very specific prayer poem for David here Melvina! I hope your prayers come true, I know this addiction all too well and it's one of the hardest to quit. My thoughts are with David, thanks for sharing, Tai

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Patricia Gale 07 October 2007

Wonderful compassionate prayer... I will add him to my prayers

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Andrew mark Wilkinson 07 October 2007

Thats a great prayer for David, i join my prayer to yours that he will be allright.. Amen mel...

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Akhtar Jawad 02 August 2015

What a touching prayer in a lovely style.............................10

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Jaishree Nair 15 February 2015

Wow.well penned. Your love and care towards that poet is visible in the lines.a touching poem.thank you and keep sharing

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Shelley L Baxter-stanley 11 October 2007

A beautiful prayer for a Wonderful man.Melvina I will join in praying for David as I have not been on much and just learned of his illness. I am praying for him as I type..... God Bless David...and God Bless the Melvina Love =Shelley=

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David Harris 09 October 2007

Mel, thank you very much for this lovely prayer. A big HUG is coming your way. I had tears in my eyes when I read it and the wonderful comments below. I'm going to have to write a very special poem for everyone. I am on the mend hope to be posting a couple of poems tomorrow. I also intend to be finished with smoking before Christmas. I have cut it by half already. However thank you again for this beautiful prayer. Love and Hugs David

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Sandra Fowler 07 October 2007

Your prayer is heartfelt. So sorry to hear of the illness of David Harris, a fine gentleman poet. I join you in praying for his quick recovery. Love, Sandra .

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Melvina Germain

Melvina Germain

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