**** The Episode *** Poem by Sulaiman Mohd Yusof

**** The Episode ***

Rating: 4.6

Scourge of meteors
Blazing of fireworks
Rebirth of the beaming flames
Colorful as outliner rays of cosmic
Sparking off the craters
of abandoned souls
laying down beneath
the abyss of creepy mind
tranquillized by scattered dreams
Acapulco of injured beach
once restored the albums of our history
Amazon of heartening
once melted the drives of our longing

Crying of Niagara Falls
hammering the delightful of love
The misty chambers of bliss
blessing gravely feelings
“Come and grab my lives within your reach,
Annex me into your craving antiquities of pours
Showering my bowl of addiction”
The curtain closing down
slowly but abruptly…....
Not the end of grieving war
“Sashay into my lane and path of your mirror,
You’re everywhere even God couldn’t erase”

When the asphalt of encores
mushrooming on
The night skies dancing
with twinkling stars shimmering
the lights onto your crispy contour
Making every single move of yours
the shadows
of me
I follow your scents of Eden
Tearing my senses apart
I sniff your powerful perfumes
Made of natural organic juices of lust
“Crucify me my dear,
Don’t let the cross decays out of buffering heart”

The Black Stallions
running with brave hearts
Saving the sickening souls
right to its bay of corrosive journey
The lovers were dying
The ghosts of fear are closing and nearing
Who could be the savior?
Could heaven’s door
Be opened for them?
“Oh Almighty, you create love,
But where’s the antidote?

PS: Dedicated to all lovers, living or dead.

Carike Klokow 25 September 2008

Brilliant! Left in awe!

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Gloria Wekesa 25 September 2008

a piece of art i love it

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Supratim Chaliha 25 September 2008

“Oh Almighty, you create love, But where’s the antidote? What a brilliant creation! ! ! Its true there is no antidote! ! Once again I m reminded of something today....! ! ! 10/10

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Ibrahim Sambo 26 September 2008

Beautiful piece, Sulaiman.The only antidote for love is to close your two eyes and dive into it.Afterall if love does'nt kill a poet, nothing will.

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David Desantis 26 September 2008

wow/....quite descriptive...us upstaters can appreciate the niagra falls reference...this poem reads almost as a prayer in certain parts...10/10..check out mine if ya get a chance

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Being Emo Is Who I am 08 October 2008

This poem is Terrific. You are a very good writer. Keep it up. Its worth it totally. I may only be a TEEN but i know a masterpiece when i see one

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Maxislam Beauty 06 October 2008

what a masterpiece, it's very great.

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Dr Kamran Haider 05 October 2008

'You’re everywhere even God couldn’t erase...” I am not an authority to comment on this great work... This poem is definitely like a painting by a great artist of all times... I am honoured and immensely pleased to read this poem... Thank you

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Cheung Shun Sang 05 October 2008

I have read your poem i admire that it is better than mine. Thank for sharing

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Edward Kofi Louis 03 October 2008

A very great work of yours and, you've written this poem with a higher magnitude. Keep it up. Thank you. E.K.L.

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