Television Addiction Poem by Dr Hitesh Sheth

Television Addiction

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Tom said, ” My! Dearest Friend Hick,
Why do you appear so weak and sick?
Do you have any major stress? ,
You seem to be in a great distress.'

'Has your father excluded you from his will? ,
Or has your wife again incurred a hefty bill?
'Has your son topped from bottom in his class?
Or has your boss again called you an 'ass' '

Has your daughter courted the trouble same? ,
By courting that wanton Casanova again.'

Hick replied, 'These are the trivial things,
That cannot diminish my zest and zing
Now I have lost interest in life,
Because cable operators are again on strike.”

Ruerd Visser 03 April 2009

O those lonesome folks who seem to think television is their only true friend, it reminds me of my father who watcvhes television all day long stating that way he at least feels like there's something lively going on in the house. How pour and desolate are those tv slaves who waist the better part of their live wachting it all go by them. And for myself im addicted to smoking cigars regrettably, for that smoking is like taking a break from everything and smokers often get together talking and relaxing. Thats my excuse for smoking and i might ad since i was very stressed once while i still held a job my smoking moments hav e increased as i take one more break from evrytrhing time and time again. And smoking seems to be a legal excuse to take a break when you''re doing something, maybe something you want to get away from and are afraid to admit that. Makes one wonder how we woukld live as we incorparate the soul into our daily life. Dreamgreetings from Sint Nicolaasga Boomfriend Ruerd

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Ahmad Shiddiqi 04 December 2008

too much love will kill you, darling! so keep it in the middle! whatever, whoever, whenever, wherever, please do not give your 100% of love to them. just being normal, not so up, and not so down. this poem suggests us not to give addicted-attention to things. very nice!

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Samanyan Lakshminarayanan 25 January 2009

i almost have all the addiction you mentioned...amusing piece

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Wojja Fink 25 March 2009

Dear Doctor it's time I confessed I'm afraid it's your poems above all the rest I must read them daily with a hot cup of tea they dissolve all thoughts of poor little me... truly addicted wojja.

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M A 30 March 2009

Well said Homer Simpson! Thank God for sane folks like us, who keep television addiction at bay, by banishing the idiot box from home. Addictions: love, benevolence, success, cranial activity, running, and of course juggernaut of them all, s..

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Tom Maxwell 25 August 2020

I enjoyed reading your writing, Television Addiction, you notice that in people also, I just posted, a poem, with the same topic, Are you Addicted? If you want to get, people in our country fighting mad, shut down all television, and telephone service. Tom Maxwell

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Shashendra Amalshan 29 July 2009

This is very entertaining sir... I v these addictions 1. Video Games- I had such an addiction for Video Games.. I even did a assignement for my Written Composition class... i wanted to title it as 'The Nightmarish Truth of Living in a Computer Genrated Dreamworld'... it s a great addiction in the sense that i forget that real life does exist.... earlier had an addiction for novels.... then movies.. then t.v series... i don't know wthether i get addicitive to PH tho... but there are some writers here, .. when i visit them i keep on reading at trot... Mr Carl Harris, Karin Anderson, Aju, Fiona for instance... you seems to give lots psychological analysis too... i mean what happened sir.. too busy these days, .. not many new ones were written by you recently? .. anyway this is great fun too....10++ with love]s shan

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Duh Huh 04 July 2009

I am addicted to my work Dr Sheth :) which reminds me, its saturday, my day off and i must go just for a little while, thank you for sharing your poem and talent with us, as usual your poems are thought provoking.

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i love this one..making me happy mainly poemhunter addiction...i take my computer to kitchen one handis moving the foodwhich is being cookedon the fire and other may be write to you..other addiction i have to nurture my warmth and care..lovedthat rating addiction...not me mean loved what you said about now i need to write a short poem..beautiful wrte enjoyed it, , will write about addiction now

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Sally Plumb 14 April 2009

I daren't tell you. Guess!

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