A bestfriend is whom you can share all your secrets
And tell them all your regrets
A bestfriend is always there to give you a hand
And plant beautiful flowers in your land
A bestfriend is someone who mends your broken heart
As they are both beautiful and smart
A bestfriend is always beside you right or wrong,
You just name it all
They will always catch you when you fall
A bestfriend is like a diamond, very presious so keep them safe

A Final Goodbye

Do you think,
it's ok to give these commands?
Do you think,
it's acceptable to make,
outrageous demands?
Do you think,
it's ok to make your daughter suffer?
after how you have acted,
you dont deserve to be a mother!
All the sleepless nights,

A Brief Introduction To My Thoughts (I'M Smiling, Darling, Not Whining)

Hi. The name is Lou.
Born in the land of the new moon,
raised in the Pearl of the Orient.
My Grandparents as my Parents,
My Parents as my Grandparents.
An outcast in the family,
treated like dirt, seen as a microbe.

Indie kid with an emo flare,
Teenage Angst mixed with cofee,

My Sister

I wrote this poem for my older sister Wendi. I worte it this year for her for Mother's Day. I love you sis! !

As I think about it more and more each day, it comes clearer to me.
What I feel in my heart is no lie.
It is all real.
Back in the day we didn't get along that well.
Most of the time we did nothing but fight.
Day after day there were sheded tears and sometimes sheded blood.

{if The World Gave Me A Rose}

If the world gave me a rose would i give it to my mother or would i give it to my brother?
If the world gave me a rose would i give it to the one who came in the rain just to hear me sang, the one who came in the snow just to let me know, or the one who came in the sleet just so that we would meet.
If the world gave me rose would i give it to my bestfriend the one who will be there until the end?
If the world gave me a rose would i give it to the one adore or the one who left my heart broken and sore?
If the world gave me a rose would i give to the one who i thought was true i know............
If the world gave me a rose i would just give it to you.

What Have I Ever Done? : (

As every day goes by...,
Some days I smile, some days I cry,
Some days I want to be with my bestfriend, some days I want my life to end.

Some days I feel fine, some days I wish this life wasn't mine.
I think of life as one big game, I fear that I'm losing and I'm filling with shame,

People think my life is perfect and nothing's ever wrong, Well, inside I'm really weak, although I may look strong.

Some days I want to be left alone, sometimes I don't even want to answer the phone,

' Pen's World Poetry & Friendship '

“Pen's World Poetry & Friendship'
(Revised with Arabic Greetings)

PEN is mightier than the SWORD
Dr. Jose Rizal's famous quote, did encode
LOVE is the mightiest to unite the WORLD
Whoever you are, can be truly FRIEND, w/o a word...
Have you felt, so strong bond?

Best Friends

I talked to my best friend
Told her I like this guy
She had nothing but good words to lend
She didn't even ask why.

The guy I like, I know his name
But never got a chance to talk
I guess for this I am to blame,
Around him, I'm nothing but a silent book.


This isnt ment to rhym.
or even sound like a poem.
its just my story,
a story ill remember forever.
Along time ago a girl made a wish,
she wished for an older brother, a bestfriend,
a person to change her life.
my bestfriend introduced us,
we were only young,
but old enough to fall.

My Pen, My Bestfriend

Every time I take hold of you,

I feel something new.

In this piece of paper that eagerly waits,

An ample of words I can write through you.

In my every works of art,

Once In A Lifetime

It happens ONCE in a LIFETIME
and some never find the one who completes them
its ashame they are so blind
the LORD sends down an Angel
a twin you might say
your the bestfriend i dream of
all smiles, laughs and fun
your a shoulder to cry on
i just know your the one
sparks fill my body when you kiss me

God Is Great

He makes us cry,
He makes us smile,
But pain surrounds all the while.

He gives us courage,
Gives us fears,
But victory always belongs to tears.

He gave us birth,

My Moon And Stars

My Moon And Stars
My shining Sun
My only and only one
My heart and soul
My smiling lips
My only and only one
My eyes and ears
My breathing lungs
My only and only one
My ribs and arms

And The Gods May Work Their Magic Out Even With The Mantra Lost!

Hair-raising novelty;
Unbelievable story.
Yet something truly experienced.
In India all of them were all ears,
When I once fell into recounting the story to men by the roadside,
Clad in pure white, who became
Visibly quite amused and elated by such foreign freelance reports from
Their world of heavenly Hindu earth.

Came home once, 'twas a good year, from downtown, there

Never End....4eva And A Day

Once a lover
alwayz a friend
when he leaves
he's alwayz back again
I'll tell you once
not again
he's my man
not my bestfriend
I love him now
and forever again

An Odd Pair

An Odd Pair
yes we are
we make for an odd sense of humor
or possibly ill
one of us is great the other is runnin late
we're the opposites you always hear about
one the internal external optimist of fun and good times
the other more lonerish and a bit off-base
we don't know much about each other
but we know enough to matter


looking into your eyes at the end of the day
drop to my knees i begin to pray
that you be there for me like i was for you
anything for you i would do
be there to hold your hand
the pain you feel i understand
i will be there always in your life
as your bestfriend, your lover maybe even your wife
but to do this you have to let me in
don't let the pain of your lonlieness win

A Stranger

A stranger wid a studious luk
A specs, A beard, And a serious face
So Intelligent bt nvr had a buk
so calm and quite in evry case

First a stranger den a frnd
became a bestfriend and finally a lover
The man wid few words
Used to keep his feelings covered..

Forgive Me

I'm fail
I'm falling down
Through the edge of my faith
I'm numb
I'm blind
I'm deaf
I'm dump

I'm broken in small pieces...
Forgive me

I'M Just A Friend....

He smiles at me and my heart goes wild. I see his number on my

phone and a text that says 'hey' and my heart goes estatic. when I see

him with his friends, all I want to do is go up behind him and hug him

and never let go.....But when he says that I'm his bestfriend my heart

dies a little each time. Each blow will end in heartbreak. All I want him