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Rating: 3.5

This isnt ment to rhym.
or even sound like a poem.
its just my story,
a story ill remember forever.
Along time ago a girl made a wish,
she wished for an older brother, a bestfriend,
a person to change her life.
my bestfriend introduced us,
we were only young,
but old enough to fall.
not at the same time,
and it happend more than once.
it wasnt ment to happen again
but i made the same mistake.
we were bestfriends for quite a while,
then i made a decision.
i couldnt handle you in may life,
i was confused and scared.
i was afraid to love you,
and its killing me to this day.
now let the truth be told,
i have never felt this way.
its not something i wanted,
but the feeling is here to stay.
i tried to ignore it
date other guys.
but its haunting me and hurting
im over all the lies.
ive liked you for a long time.
over several years.
its just sounds so stupid.
and i make a big mistake.
all the poems that you wrote,
made me fall for you.
and now its all too late.
your girlfriend is so lucky.
i hope she doesnt hurt you.
i hope you have your happy ending,
and never ever forget me.
just remember,
i'll always love you.

Sydney Kerr 10 February 2008

There's a few gramatical errors, but other than that its very good. Being happy for his girlfriend and not being jealous or angry is a very tough thing to do. I'd give this poem a 10.

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*Smile4ever* 08 May 2009

Oh superb thoughts.. U r really amazing.. But rightly said the poet below down u need polish.. U r a diamond u need furnish the dust.. God bless.. *Smile4ever*

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, aryaindia 22 August 2008

Damn stark frank and forward in your presentation but needs polish so that you can shine well. Do some homework using a dictionary to help you with spellings and meanings and I am sure you will be at the top someday! ! Good luck and god bless you. arya

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Sulaiman Mohd Yusof 03 April 2008

with this kinda writes...........u ain't ordinary gal.....................your xtra.............

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Bill Smith 10 February 2008

liked this, written from the heart, always for me the best place to write from, falling in love with words, been there smiffy

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nice love story...............

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