And The Gods May Work Their Magic Out Even With The Mantra Lost! Poem by Erhard Hans Josef Lang

And The Gods May Work Their Magic Out Even With The Mantra Lost!

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Hair-raising novelty;
Unbelievable story.
Yet something truly experienced.
In India all of them were all ears,
When I once fell into recounting the story to men by the roadside,
Clad in pure white, who became
Visibly quite amused and elated by such foreign freelance reports from
Their world of heavenly Hindu earth.

Came home once, 'twas a good year, from downtown, there
Where I'd been living for long way far out East,
Came home once with some sheets of mystical-scientific papers
Under my arm,
Completely new to me,
It happened to be on my mother's birthday,
Extramundane instructions of indeed one of a kind,
Matters from on high, pertaining to
Goddesses' royal worships and their ritualistic aspects,
High-lighted and exposed in ornamental details for the
Advanced regal audience of initiated followership.

One full length of a page, with most diverse mantras on it;
All dedicated to and given by Great Lady Time, Mother Mahakali
- Greatest Being of a cosmic Damsel spirit
Middling between
World terror and world harmony.

Different mantras, different powers, different effects.
Hoary magic knowledge, derived from the knowledge about cosmic mind.

'And if your concentration and meditation was well-focused
And the practitioner's attitude beneficial to the world
All along the application of the mantra,
Any reward might in due time turn in.'

Understandable point!

But then there was one mantra with a terrific,
An almost unbelievable claim:
'... This is a wish-fulfilling magic rhyme that will make
Any desire formed in mind
Come true to its chanter

In a second!
Oh, what a high claim!
'This must be a truly most secret mantra! '

'Would I want to test and apply it? '
('Thou shalt not put the Gods to test! ! ')
'What would I possibly want to wish for at this moment,
If I were to apply the instantly fulfilling magic rhyme? '

'Everyone's healthy at home,
Of needed things there's actually nothing lacking for the moment -
But only, maybe, for one thing:
A herbal gift package for an inspirational matinee
Through the verdant hands of friendly Shaktigurunathan
Hadn't found its way for long to
This house of enjoyment.'

After thinking thus poetically, and perusing for once the mantra,
There was a knock on my room door:
It was by one of my close ones:
'My love, there's someone at the gate for you,
A man who wants to speak to you.'

'Tell him to step in. Who is he? '
Had been a former neighbour boy,
Who helped us carry things
When we moved to the other house,
Whom I hadn't seen for many years.

'I have something to offer to you, it is of best quality
And it's rather cheap,
I thought of you, you might want it.'

There it was, the very thing I had thought of, when
Trying to think of anything for a
Desire in my mind,
Before reading that mantra of quickest promise.
It really had fulfilled itself in an instant,
Its claim returned in a second!

It got me into making the mistake of letting it out and
The boy know about it, who
In an unguarded moment while inside my house
Must have stolen the sheet with the precious mantras on.

Later on I've never seen the magic paper anymore,
From then on, it was simply gone.
And so was the boy with whom the paper went.
Soon after he was rumoured about as having
Gotten himself into some bad trouble.
Then I could well understand why.

To-day I have downloaded from the net
And installed for display,
To my own gratification as the good gadget's user,
Into the small upper window of the main
Menue on my mobile phone
A new operator logo,
That says in classic hand-writing,
Written in light red:
And fits perfectly into the pre-given space,
Cutting a nice figure within the set.

Yet, before this 'Bestfriend' was granted to successfully
lock in
With my unit to be lodged here with me,
Some hard-headed ethereal signal inhibition was
Yet hampering the finalization of the download act, and
It was that first a real one-time bestfriend,
Someone whom for long I hadn't heard of,
Chanced to have wanted to make a
Courtesy call for once again
Inquiring about my well-fare.
A short call only for decency's sake
Which rendered both of us all the happier.
And then only it was,
A few moments after that call that
I was allowed to accomplish the started download, thus
From that moment only onward now
Having the word 'Bestfriend' glittering on the topside of this toy boy,
My mental compost catering fawn.

With the Gods, so it seems,
An instant fulfillment of a desire, and be it a latent one,
May, if whenever and with whomsoever
They haven chosen to make it happen,
Indeed, come true, and be it in a short
Even if there hadn't been any secret mantras known.

To make oneself worthy of being given once in a while
Some sudden and deeper joy, like as if
From higher Angelic spheres,
There maybe it is where our 'true secrets' lie.

Ershad Mazumder 03 January 2009

Very good subject.It has become a very narrative short story, not a poetry.Thanks.

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Ben Gieske 03 June 2008

An interesting read provoking many thoughts along the way. We need to be ever on the allert for the opportunties which might come our way, usually through another. We were not meant to live alone but to live a life of openess ever saying our 'yes'. Not easy to do, though.

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Aine Ní Leidhin 18 March 2008

In the successive passage of time, what can occur points towards a mode of temporality of a peculiar kind of ‘present’. By extension, such anticipations can be (seen to be) future formations of the personality that seeks to go beyond the personal if only humans could recognize such an existence. Kind regards Aine

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Erhard Hans Josef Lang

Erhard Hans Josef Lang

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